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A coffee table has the ability to bring an entire living room together. Not only does a coffee table provide a practical solution in terms of surface space and storage, but aesthetically it also has the power to make a house feel like a home. Whether consciously or not, our entire living room design tends to centre around our coffee table, creating a relaxation hub in our homes. So needless to say, your coffee table deserves the best in great design. That’s exactly what you’ll find from the Vinterior collection of contemporary coffee tables.

Why choose a contemporary coffee table?

Contemporary furniture is a style that everyone can get on board with. By taking both the key trends of today and exceptional historical trends into account, contemporary furniture manages to create something both versatile and unique. Contemporary design is characterised by its weightlessness, using slim legs, clean lines, reflective materials and natural aspects to create something striking whilst retaining its minimalist ethos.

Part of the charm of contemporary furniture lies in its inability to be pinned down to a specific look or style. Contemporary furniture is the furniture of today, meaning it has the maximum amount of history to take its inspiration from. As such, you get a wealth of contemporary furniture items, each with its own unique charm and personality to offer. Contemporary furniture also often takes inspiration from different cultures, further adding to its diversity and ability to blend into many different popular interior design trends.

Contemporary items of furniture can range from ultramodern to surprisingly traditional, depending on its main features and inspiration. This is certainly true when it comes to contemporary coffee tables. Coffee tables can mean anything from laser cut steel and glass combinations to repurposed wood and metal for that real industrial feel. They can be colourful or monochrome, simple or outlandish, upcycled or completely new in every way. Designs are often striking, with unusual elements which make them completely unique to your home for the ultimate statement piece.

Why shop at Vinterior?

A good quality and considered coffee table can completely change the way a living room looks and feels and if you want a range of designs to choose from then you are most certainly in the right place. You will find thousands of contemporary items of furniture here at Vinterior, including an extensive range of hundreds of contemporary tables in a variety of styles. We only deal in the most premium furniture, and every coffee table in our collection has its own statement to make and its own story to tell.

In the past, searching for completely unique furniture meant trawling round a local market in hopes of uncovering a rare find. For many those days are over. As the UK’s largest online marketplace for unique and characterful furniture, Vinterior allows you to discover stunning pieces from the comfort of your own home.

Our collection contains many thousands of both vintage and contemporary furniture items from more than one thousand trusted sellers and celebrated brands and designers. By exploring our range, you’ll discover just how versatile and exciting contemporary furniture can be. There is so much to see in our collection, so don’t hesitate. Get inspired by our listings today and who knows? You may even come across the perfect addition to your home.

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