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Bedroom furniture isn’t just a practical addition. It’s also a chance to bring some vital style and personality into your sleep sanctuary, adding furniture with its own character and story to tell that’s reflective of your own tastes. One such vital piece of bedroom furniture is a chest of drawers. Chests of drawers may be important for bedroom storage, but they are also large enough to have a real impact on the styling and aesthetic of your bedroom, too. Luckily, you’ll find an endless array of contemporary chests of drawers right here at Vinterior. Take your time enjoying and browsing our extensive collection today.

Why choose a contemporary chest of drawers?

Making your house feel more like a home should always be the ultimate goal whenever you embark on any interior design project. And to get the look you desire, it is always important to introduce items of furniture that accurately reflect your personality and taste, making a statement while also elevating the look and feel of the space as a whole. This may sound like a lot to ask from your furniture, but when you shop for unique contemporary pieces it becomes a great deal easier to achieve style and substance.

When you seek out solutions from celebrated designers and brands, contemporary furniture can be just as individual and characterful as going vintage. One of the key benefits of contemporary furniture is that it has a whole wealth of history to take its inspiration from, whether 18th century decadence or sleek mid-century silhouettes, while also being forward thinking.

Depending on your décor, you may want to consider a contemporary chest of drawers influenced by industrial design, or even something with a touch of shabby chic – complete with distressed wooden paintwork and metal handles.

Clean lines, bold colours and even bolder patterns are often indicative of contemporary chest of drawers design, including aspects such as marble finishes and handle-less drawers. This is storage with style, and these designs range from outlandish statement pieces which really make a splash, to more subdued and simplistically chic models that blend seamlessly into any interior environment.

Why shop at Vinterior?

It is no secret that here at Vinterior we are experts in all things vintage. With many thousands of items to choose from in our collection, we are the leading online marketplace for vintage, antique and retro furniture on the web, including listings from more than one thousand trusted sellers, designers, brands and boutiques. But within our collection, you will also uncover a huge array of contemporary pieces of furniture, including stunning and unusual chests of drawers.

A contemporary chest of drawers from Vinterior is a fantastic investment for your home, because you know you are investing in quality. From brand new pieces to sustainable upcycled models, we only deal in the best furniture items. Whether new or old, every item in our collection is completely unique and full of character, with its own special story to tell.

Bedroom storage is a vital part of any home, but you should never just see it as a purely practical aspect. Bedroom furniture is your chance to bring some fantastic stylistic elements to your interior setting, while also providing the storage you need.

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