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Relaxation is one of the key aspects of any successful home environment. All any of us wants after a long day is to be able to come home and put our feet up. That’s exactly what you get when you treat yourself – and your home – to a luxurious chaise lounge . . . or chaise longue, if you prefer. This indulgent item of furniture oozes decadence, and there are plenty of exciting contemporary chaise lounges to explore here at Vinterior. Take the time to explore our collection today, and before you know it you could be stretching out on your very own stunning chaise lounge. Happy browsing!

Why choose a contemporary chaise lounge?

There’s no doubt that contemporary furniture is a popular choice for many homeowners and designers. Modern designs are, of course, a staple of many leading high street furniture providers, but there is a distinct difference between contemporary design and contemporary manufacture. As with any period of history, we think it’s important to note that there will always be the good, the bad and the ugly in furniture terms.

Buying cheap and cheerful item of furniture risks foregoing style, quality and character. You will also quickly find that those mass market furnishings you have picked up can be found in thousands of other homes around the coutnry. The trick with choosing characterful and attractive contemporary furniture is to find options that are that little bit more unique and really represent what you want to showcase in your home. That’s what you’ll find here at Vinterior.

The chaise lounge lends itself to this, as it’s a relatively unique piece of furniture in and of itself. Far from a necessity, investing in a chaise lounge is a true act of luxury and indulgence for the home, and choosing a statement contemporary chaise lounge only adds to this atmosphere of opulence.

In the world of chaise lounges, contemporary can mean many different things. It could mean a sleek carbon fibre design with a striking silhouette, or a plush ergonomic chaise lounge you can just sink into. Features such as yellow leather upholstery can bring colour and fun to any space, while repurposed pieces from the mid-century or Victorian era will act as head-turning focal points that spark conversation for all the right reasons.

Contemporary chaise lounges have a wealth of history and cultures to take their inspiration from, and this is present in the sheer range of designs available. There is no one set style that represents contemporary furniture design, but one thing all of these pieces have in common is their impeccable standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Why shop at Vinterior?

At Vinterior, we are proud to be known for our vast selection of vintage, antique and retro furniture. We’re all about the benefits of choosing older, characterful items, from their durability and reliability to their sustainability. However, we are also proud to house an extensive range of contemporary and modern furniture pieces too. Each of these modern pieces comes from a trusted seller or a celebrated designer, and possesses the same level of charm, character and quality you would expect from a vintage item.

With many thousands of items from over one thousand sellers, the Vinterior collection is the largest online marketplace for unique furniture with its own story to tell. If you want to relax in your home, you can do so in style and comfort when you shop with Vinterior.

So whether you’re actively shopping or simply seeking some inspiration, you’re in the right place. Take some time to browse the Vinterior collection today and find the perfect piece of furniture to set off your home design.

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