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When you are creating your perfect living room, there’s one small piece of furniture which has the ability to pull everything together: the coffee table. It may seem like a less essential purchase but leave out a coffee table and you’ll soon appreciate how uncomfortable life can be. Whether it’s a place to put your feet up, place drinks, stash the remote controls or keep magazines, the humble coffee table is an integral part of modern living. However, before you dash out to snap up a cheap and cheerful option from your local shop, take a look at some of the fabulous antique and vintage coffee tables available. Carrying their own history and story to tell, it’s difficult to surpass the craftsmanship of older designs. To take a look through a range of heritage and vintage coffee tables, browse our listings here at Vinterior.

Coffee tables: things to think about before you buy

There is a surprising number of factors to consider before you take the plunge and purchase a coffee table. Although aesthetics are undoubtedly important, there’s lots of other things to consider, too. Where will it go? How will it be used? What materials should it be made from? Is it easy to move around when cleaning? Questions like this should be at the forefront of your mind when buying a coffee table online.

Here’s a few suggestions of what to consider when you’re looking through our range of coffee tables at Vinterior:Size matters

If you’ve fallen in love with a recycled log coffee table, you need to think practically about how it is going to fit in your space. Although it’s fun to browse through all kinds of styles imaginable, when it’s time to make a purchase you need to work with the space you have available.

If you’re living in a more compact space, look for a rectangular or square design as this maximises the room you have available. Larger and more expansive rooms can extend their choice to include circular and oval designs which serve to create flow.

A nest of tables is another good choice for smaller homes. With the ability to extend out and create more space when needed, but tuck away to a more compact design when not in use, nested tables offer a perfect compromise.

Be practical

Think about how you use your coffee table on a daily basis. Is it actually used for drinks or does your other half just love to put their feet up on this sturdy wooden table conveniently placed in the? There’s the issue of storage, too; some coffee tables provide shelving or a cupboard where you can keep your messy pile of magazines out of sight.

Some of the coffee tables you will find featured here at Vinterior even have additional storage hidden under a removeable section of the table. Whatever the needs of your household, make sure you’re thinking practically when looking for a coffee table.

Coffee tables: why shop with Vinterior

There’s no-one that has the same passion for heritage and vintage items as Vinterior and we have a wonderful collection of coffee tables that you’re sure to love. From sophisticated gilded Italian antiques to Art Nouveau designs that will make your jaw drop, take a look through what we’ve got in our catalogue today.