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An essential element of any hallway or porch, coat racks are not only highly functional but they can also be a stylish way to introduce guests to your home. There are many different styles of coat rack, made from a selection of different materials that can all put their own unique stamp on the space. Discover the range of coat racks we have available here at Vinterior and you are sure to not only find inspiring interior design ideas but also an impressive range of attractive coat racks that will welcome visitors to your home in style.

What to look for in stylish coat racks

Of course, the primary purpose of any coat rack is a practical one – being able to hang coats and outer garments immediately after entering through the door is a useful solution in any home. However, coat racks can also make a powerful statement about the style of the homeowner and the aesthetics found in the property.

Coat racks come in a wealth of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. There is no such thing as a standard coat rack. While some are free-standing, perfect for placing neatly in a corner or hallway, others are fixed to the wall and represent an attractive yet space saving solution.

Both free-standing and wall-mounted designs can be either minimalistic or ornately decorated depending on the designer’s preferences. The most basic coat rack can be as simple as a plain wooden board with a few metal hooks attached, while others have beautifully intricately carved designs. Some make use of a range of unusual materials such as plastic, wire or bamboo.

Many coat racks are made from repurposed or upcycled materials, taking vintage or antique items and incorporating them into an exciting and unusual piece that brings flair to your hallway. Some are pieces from an earlier time with a style all of their own.

Should I buy an antique or vintage coat rack?

Your coat rack is often the first thing that your guests will see as soon as they walk into your home. Therefore, getting the choice right is key to giving your visitors the right impression about you and your tastes. Although you could easily find a modern coat rack in any furniture store, this isn’t the best way to express your own flair and sense of style.

An antique or vintage coat rack, or an upcycled or repurposed coat rack has an appeal all its own. Apart from bringing a unique look to your hallway, it will add personality and become an exciting focal point in the space that is sure to catch the visitor’s eye immediately upon entering through your front door. Vinterior’s coat rack selection are a truly affordable way to bring authenticity and character to your home.

Find coat racks at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we have an amazing selection of coat racks that will definitely set the tone for your home. Encompassing an enormous range of styles, periods and designs, our stunning collection embraces everything from antique pieces given a new lease of life for the modern era to funky vintage pieces with a dramatic and unusual appearance. From classic retro pieces to one-of-a-kind highly intricate and detailed items that add something truly special to your space, Vinterior has something for everyone.

Take your hallway to a new level of style by browsing our listings today.

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