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Of all the spaces in your home, the hallway is often the most susceptible to clutter. Between coats, jumpers, shoes and general bits and bobs, it’s all too easy for the hallway to become a dumping ground for the stuff you use every day. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Your hallway is your chance to make a first impression with your home, so make sure it’s a good one. A smart, stylish addition like a coat rack with shelf can take your hallway from chaotic to chic with one statement piece. Discover a wide selection of shelving coat racks at Vinterior and see just how stylish hall storage can be.

Why choose a coat rack with shelf?

It goes without saying that a coat rack has a clear functional element, offering a designated place for storing jackets, coats and jumpers where they are easy to reach as you leave the house. But when you choose an elegant coat rack, you are not only giving yourself an extra space for storage, but also the opportunity to provide your hall with an extra decorative element. Books, photographs, floral arrangements and ornaments are all great ways to dress up your coat rack if it features a shelf.

Mid-century coat rack designs use sleek wooden materials like walnut with brass and metallic aspects for a simple yet chic look. Alternatively, more contemporary upcycled or homemade coat racks use unique materials and forms to provide a quirky place to hang up your hallway necessities. The whimsical nature of these designs makes them a great addition for not just the hallway, but also for a child’s bedroom.

Practically speaking, a coat rack with shelf is also a great home addition because it doesn’t take up any floorspace – something that is often lacking in smaller homes or those that prioritise other room spaces. Its wall-mounted design means that your hall stays as bright and airy as possible.

Coat rack with shelf: why shop at Vinterior?

It’s fair to say that, as well as being a useful home addition, a coat rack with a shelf is also a niche one. Finding a coat rack isn’t particularly difficult, but finding one that meets your high aesthetic standards can be. That is why our website is the perfect solution, allowing you to explore thousands of different furniture options at the click of a button. In the past it probably would have resulted in you trawling round your local marketplace in search of a design you like. However, that’s no longer the case.

We are the largest online marketplace for heritage, artisan and specialist furniture in the UK. In our extensive collection, you’ll find many thousands of items carefully selected from more than one thousand trusted sellers, iconic brands and celebrated designers. Everything from seating and storage to quirky accessories are available at Vinterior, meaning you can browse an extensive selection of individual pieces at your leisure, all in one place and from the comfort of your own home.

We sell new, too

At Vinterior, you’ll discover furniture from throughout history, including antique, vintage, retro, mid-century and upcycled pieces. However, you’ll also discover stunning contemporary items of furniture with all the charm and quality craftmanship you would expect from the finest antiques. Many of the 20th century’s leading designers are still creating furniture today, and our collection reflects this. You’ll even find attractive bespoke pieces which can be tailored to meet your specifications.

You’ll be surprised just how many options there are when shopping for a coat rack with shelving from Vinterior, but don’t just take our word for it. Explore our collection today and get inspired for yourself.