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If you’ve been coming home to coats laid over the back of chairs or even jackets left lying on the floor, you could do with some wall mounted coat hooks. You’ll find different types and styles of mounted coat hooks here at Vinterior. Whether you are looking to add coat hooks, wall mounted to your porch or even just in an understairs cupboard, you’ve come to the right place to find them.

Choosing wall mounted coat hooks

Wall mounted coat hooks can come in various shapes, materials and sizes. Their specific features will depend on the era they were originally made. In most cases, however, the hooks themselves will be made of different types of metal such as steel or brass. Some of these hooks are placed onto other materials such as wooden panels which are then fixed onto the wall. The combination of natural wood and metal can give a rustic appearance that elevates the charm and character of your property’s entrance. In other cases, it is the hook alone, which is fixed to the wall.

Some designs can be simple and elegant while others can be exceptionally detailed and be statuesque with fine details. Again, this will largely depend on the origins of the piece. Our marketplace often features antique, vintage, contemporary, mid-century modern, retro, modern and industrial styles of mounted coat hooks. The sheer scope of styles being sold allow our marketplace to cater for many different tastes and preferences – another fantastic reason to pay us a visit!

If antique is your thing, look out for large swirling wooden hooks from the Victorian period or even a 19th century French brass rack – guaranteed to impress your guests when they leave their coat in your hallway.

Should you prefer mid-century vintage style why not try finding a set of brass rustic coat hooks wall mounted in a porch or boot room. Or perhaps you’d like a completely new piece made from salvaged driftwood and featuring reclaimed brass taps in place of traditional hooks. This kind of artisan piece can make a wonderful statement – particularly if your home already has an industrial or shabby chic vibe.

The benefits of wall mounted coat hooks

There are some obvious benefits to getting wall mounted coat hooks. They are a simple addition to your entrance hall that will immediately help to keep the rest of your home tidier and less cluttered. Compared to coat stands, these items also save you much more space, aren’t as fiddly to manoeuvre around and don’t become a scratching post for animals.

But our marketplace’s wall mounted coat hooks aren’t just any coat hooks. They may be antiques, vintage or capture the beautiful characteristics of other periods. They will have a charm and often a rich history that sets them apart from the flimsy hooks you might by from your local shop. This means that your wall mounted coat hook isn’t just a purchase but an investment. As it ages it has the potential to become more valuable and even more of a treasure.

Another great reason to purchase a wall mounted coat hook from our trade sellers is that you’re contributing to helping the environment. When purchasing an older coat hook you are extending its lifespan and avoiding the demand for new products produced in harmful ways that continue to release damaging toxins after manufacturing is complete.

Coat hooks: wall mounted and ready for you

If we’ve hooked you in to the idea of getting some wall mounted coat hooks then look no further. Browse our listings and you are sure to find something that inspires you.