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Church Pew Bench

Sometimes in interior design, you have to take a risk in order to make a space really shine. Choosing a single quirky item of furniture can draw an entire room together, giving it focus and a unique personality which is sure to draw the eye and spark conversation. This is often the case when you choose unique seating for your home, such as a church pew bench. By selecting a repurposed item like this, you’re adding a story and a history to your home which wasn’t there before. So why not think outside the box and explore the stunning collection of church pew benches right here at Vinterior?

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Why seek out a church pew for sale?

The right seating is key to any successful interior setting, and sometimes thinking outside the box can really pay off. A church bench is a great example of this, offering comfortable seating with a real sense of history and ornate luxury behind it.

As well as reminding us of churches themselves, church pews at home conjure up scenes of country cottages and shabby chic interiors. This is furniture which celebrates its own history, providing your home with a unique sense of personality and character that’s hard to replicate with less authentic alternatives.

Church pews are often antique additions, boasting material like solid oak and decorative flourishes the give it a real feel of the past. A Victorian church pew bench boasts a different appearance, with a high back and side which are all the same level. These are often made with solid pine. Despite often being seen as an older item of furniture, there are even more modern and mid-century church benches available with all the same charm and character. These are often styled more like traditional benches, using materials like teak in more imaginative colour schemes.

Introducing a church bench into your home

With so many styles and eras to choose from, there are endless options for how to introduce reclaimed church pews into your home. The more ornate and traditional options work perfectly as quirky dining furniture, as they are both attractive and unique. On a practical level, they also allow you to accommodate more diners comfortably.

Alternatively, highbacked Victorian pews work well as occasional seating the hallway, providing a touch of character and history to the space while also giving you a place to sit and appreciate part of your home you would otherwise just walk throughout. More colourful bench-like designs from the mid-century and modern eras work well as outdoor seating, provided you take care of them in harmful weather conditions. Their use of colour and lighter form means them perfect for adding a sense of fun to your outdoor area.

Find reclaimed church pews and so much more at Vinterior

If you are looking for a church pew for sale to introduce into your home, you’re in the right place. Vinterior is all about celebrating unique furniture with character, history and quality craftsmanship behind it. Our collection of premium furniture features many thousands of original items, each with its own story to tell and selected from more than one thousand trusted sellers, designers and brands. You’ll find everything from antique and vintage furniture to retro and contemporary pieces at Vinterior.

Discover just how diverse seating can be by shopping for a church pew bench here at Vinterior.

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