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They say that no man is an island. And it is also true to say that no culture is developed in isolation. While European styles and trends have undoubtedly influenced and inspired others from around the world, we must also acknowledge that many of the incredible styles from far-flung places have shaped the way that British and European design has developed over the centuries. An example of this can be seen in the interpretation and imitation of Chinese art that became known as chinoiserie. Shop the chinoiserie look now by taking a closer look at our collection of chinoiserie chests for yourself.

Why choose chinoiserie chests?

More than any other period, it was the styles of the late 17th and early 18th century that have been most closely associated with Far Eastern influences. In fact, there are many elements of Baroque and Rococo style that are thought to have been derived from Chinese cultural traditions and decorative arts. At a time when new trade links were being formed with China and other East Asian countries, chinoiserie was considered to be an homage to those new influences.

A pretty and ultra-feminine interior design trend, chinoiserie provides the curves and beauty that always adds timeless glamour and elegance to any room of the home. Offering a taste of far-flung Asia, our chinoiserie chests deliver the chic style that vintage and antique fans have been looking for.

In addition to being able to incorporate a stunning piece of fascinating history into your home, choosing one of our chinoiserie chests means creating a style statement. Unlike many furniture additions, our chinoiserie chests don’t complement your look, they define it, with the bold colours used able to inform the palette and wider scheme of the room. The curves of the antique-style chinoiserie chest are also tactile and stunning to look at, enabling you to consolidate rustic French schemes or perhaps even add flair to more contemporary looks.

It’s not just their aesthetic that makes our chinoiserie chests excellent investments for the home. The build quality of these beautiful original and restored pieces is second to none. Providing an unrivalled durability that has already stood the test of time and a robustness that will be with you for years to come.

Incorporating chinoiserie chests into your home

With many of our chinoiserie chests sporting the bombe design, this iconic furniture addition provides a chance to enhance the luxury in any part of your home. When selecting a chinoiserie style that suits your living space don’t just look at the colour of the piece. Consider the finer features that will make this stunning addition stand out. Ball feet are traditionally used to decorate chinoiserie chests, particularly those sporting the bombe design. More contemporary shapes however have slender legs and are usually brightly painted to suit more modern finishes.

Our chinoiserie chests have been used to decorate living rooms and hallways, but the bedroom in particular will benefit from the moody and sultry schemes that the chinoiserie trend defines. Black and lacquered finishes look great in boudoirs, and we you will find an eye-catching selection of antique and vintage chinoiserie chests to bring these spaces to life.

Why shop for chinoiserie chests with Vinterior?

Thanks to our collaboration with the UK’s best independent boutique, furniture dealers and sellers, you have access to a wonderful selection of chinoiserie chests. Whether opting for an antique original or a vintage reproduction, our chinoiserie chests supply the authenticity and ornateness that looks striking and beautiful in any setting. Quality also sits at the centre of our chinoiserie collection, whilst a fascinating backstory always comes as standard.

Find the chinoiserie chests to complete your look right here at Vinterior.

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