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Statement pieces don’t come much bigger than wardrobes. While dressers and bookcases may ultimately be bigger than wardrobes, they are typically filled and adorned with many other objects that temper the design and change the aesthetic. A wardrobe on the other hand stands bold and proud, its doors staring you in the face every morning when you wake up and every night when you close your eyes. With this in mind, isn’t it important that you get a wardrobe that really excites you? One that gives you a sense of happiness or contentment – and perhaps a little touch of magic. Browse our selection of Chinese wardrobes here at Vinterior today and discover how you can revolutionise the look of your bedroom with a single piece of furniture.

What are the features of a Chinese wardrobe?

Like any culture, Chinese wardrobes have evolved and changed through the ages. The antique pieces of the 18th and 19th century are distinct and different from the vintage units of the 20th century. Some are more bold in design and others more subtle – yet most people would argue that the look and feel of these wardrobes is markedly different of that from Britain and the rest of Europe.

Typically, Chinese wardrobes are made from rosewood or redwoods. This is an umbrella term for many different types of hard woods that are reddish in colour. This is why a lot of Chinese wardrobes, and their furniture overall, has a reddish colour when left unpainted. In most cases the wardrobe will not be painted but it will be finished in lacquer to give it protection and shine.

These wardrobes also have many decorative aspects to be admired. They may include detailed carvings, which add character and beauty. They may also be painted. The paintwork may be of Chinese figures depicting daily life, animals such as dragons, or even intricate patterns. They are often painted using a contrast of dark and bright colours such as blacks, reds and golds.

Why should you buy an antique or vintage Chinese wardrobe?

Aside from their undeniable beauty, these wardrobes are functional too. It is common to find two or three drawers underneath the main wardrobe space to give you more storage. This is somewhat similar to the design of a typical tallboy wardrobe. So, why not just buy a tallboy wardrobe?

Chinese wardrobes are rich in culture and heritage, giving your bedroom or guest room a very unique flavour – certainly something you wouldn’t see in too many other homes on your street. Buying antique or vintage furniture also means that there will be signs of wear and usage on your furniture – but here again, this can add character. Whether you opt for a simple, lacquered 19th century wardrobe with signs of regular use or an aquamarine 20th century piece with faded paint and a distressed finish, these features can work beautifully alongside either a minimalist or shabby chic décor.

Another benefit to buying Chinese wardrobes is the environmental aspect. Choosing to buy an antique Chinese wardrobe is a more sustainable option than purchasing newly manufactured pieces of furniture.

Shop for Chinese wardrobes with Vinterior

In the past, sourcing a Chinese wardrobe would have taken a lot of research and time spent trawling around boutiques and antique shops. But here at Vinterior we have taken the time and stress out of your search through our marketplace. Our marketplace is full of celebrated and trusted sellers, so you can shop for the perfect Chinese wardrobe with ease.

If a Chinese wardrobe isn’t for you then why not browse our marketplace anyway? We have other furniture from different cultures and periods to choose from. Fin your inspiration today.