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Although European and British antique and vintage furniture has its own very special appeal, Chinese pieces from the same periods have a particular elegance to them. Unlike many English pieces from the past which were built to be solid, sturdy and heavy, and sometimes it must be said with a focus on function rather than beauty, Chinese classical furniture has a certain grace and style that developed independently of Western pieces. This can be seen in the delicate beauty of the Chinese console table. Discover gorgeous antique and vintage Chinese console tables here at Vinterior, and add Far Eastern beauty in your 21st century home.

Why choose Chinese console tables?

Many pieces of antique and vintage Chinese furniture feature particularly beautiful shapes having been designed to take into account aesthetics as well as practicality. Vintage Chinese Console tables have the same purpose as a European console table, however they have a more distinctive Oriental shape. Depending on the period of the piece, the table may have a minimalistic design that exudes simple elegance, or ornate detailing with lacquering and inlaid woods.

Often made of durable woods, Chinese console tables may feature small drawers or cabinets to provide useful additional storage without compromising on the sophisticated detailing and outstanding craftsmanship. The woods used are usually of the finest quality, known for their precious and durable nature. Mahogany, rosewood and sandalwood were especially popular, and most frequently the craftsmen used no glue or nails to make their stunning pieces, using only clever joinery techniques.

Furniture from the Ming Dynasty period, or inspired by this era, boasts quiet and simple lines with minimal detailing and beautifully unique shapes. The true elegance of these tables lies in the quality of the wood and its natural splendour.

In contrast, furniture from the later Qing period is usually more ornate with intricate carving and latticework as well as engraving, inlaid wood or enamelling.

Why invest in vintage Chinese console tables?

Although some modern furniture manufacturers have been inspired by antique Chinese craftsmanship, there is nothing quite so elegant and authentic as a vintage piece. Made by craftsmen with a passion for their art, the sense of expression which exudes from a true antique or vintage piece is beyond compare and cannot be found in any modern piece.

Despite their delicate appearance, Chinese console tables have also been designed to stand the test of time, built using advanced joinery techniques that required no nails or glue. The result is a sturdy and solid piece of practical and useful furniture that boasts all of the sophistication and elegance of a purely ornamental and decorative piece.

Of course, it also goes without saying that when you invest in an authentic antique or vintage Chinese table you will be investing in heritage, culture and a one of a kind work of art.

Find Chinese console tables at Vinterior

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