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Chinese furniture doesn’t just add character to your home but a taste of oriental culture, too. These unique items, including Chinese chests of drawers, can be found by simply exploring our marketplace. We ensure that all the traders and boutiques selling through us are trusted and held in the highest regard within the industry. This means our customers can complete orders knowing they will receive authentic and quality Chinese and Chinese-inspired furniture.

What are the features of a Chinese chest of drawers?

A Chinese chest of drawers has the power to provide a very distinctive aesthetic within a room. Chinese cabinetry can be quite different to a British or European cabinet in that it frequently includes illustrations, intricate detailing and artwork – something that is rarely seen on Western units. In fact, it is not unusual to see entire scenes depicted on a chest of drawers, including elaborate paintwork, intricate use of metalwork and even the embedding of precious stones. The paintings tend to be of typical scenes from Chinese culture such as flower designs, foliage or depictions of Chinese myths and legends involving animals.

Like the shifts and changes that occur in any culture, Chinese furniture trends have evolved over time and this can be seen in the type of colour palette featured during different periods in history. During the late 19th and early 20th century, for example, you might expect a chest of drawers to feature dark greens, deep reds and blacks. In contrast to this, earlier generations stretching back into the 18th century used much lighter and brighter colourings when creating scenes on cabinetry. If you prefer an antique piece from the 18th century perhaps, look for the elegant use of pinks, yellows and golds.

Of course, you may not be looking to bring an entire Chinese theme into your bedroom or spare room – but this use of colour can be an interesting addition, particularly when used as an accent colour to match with soft furnishings such as pillows and cushions.

Why buy a Chinese chest of drawers?

You can find Chinese chests of drawers in various sizes with different capacity drawers. This means if you have a small bedroom or large bedroom you can still find a set of drawers to match.

Whatever size set of drawers you end up getting, the beauty and character that you’ll be adding is the same across the board. These are truly remarkable items that also add culture to your room. If you appreciate Asian culture these are a fantastic outward way of expressing this interest in a personal space.

When you choose to buy from a furniture boutique or a dealer, you choose to switch the demand from new products made from new materials to materials already in circulation. While this firstly means that you can purchase items with character and a rich history, it is also worth considering the environmental benefit of this. By re-homing an item of furniture and reducing the demand on modern manufacturing you can help to prevent the unnecessary use of precious natural resources.

Purchasing authentic Chinese chests of drawers is also a rewarding experience because you are choosing items that aren’t going to be in the homes of your friends or family. Having a unique piece for your eyes only can be really enjoyable. Simultaneously, you may get a collectable that continues to increase in value as you enjoy it. Chinese chests of drawers can, on some occasions, be seen as an investment.

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Historically, getting a unique and authentic Chinese chest of drawers can be time consuming as you have to contact lots of boutiques and dealers to hunt them down. However, thanks to our online marketplace we have taken the leg work out of this Simply type in the search bar above for Chinese chest of drawers and you’ll see what Britain’s best boutiques and independent sellers currently have listed.