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There is something truly special about bringing Chinese antiques into your home. While your house guests will most likely be familiar with Western antiques – be it tables, chairs, sideboards or even wall art, incorporating Chinese antiques will make your home interior look quite distinct and different from your friends and neighbours. But the benefits of Chinese antiques stretches well beyond the simple novelty factor. Once you begin investigating the type of furniture and furnishings that were popular in the Ming and Qing dynasties, you will see how brining Far Easter antiques into your home will add luxury and comfort. Browse our collection now.

What to expect from Chinese antiques?

Starting with the materials, Chinese antique furniture has a strong foundation in precious hardwoods. Just as Victorian and Edwardian tables and chairs utilised the likes of oak, teak and pine, so Chinese furniture incorporated durable and hardwearing woods. A quick glance at our listings and you will find that rosewood, satinwood, mahogany and bamboo are among the most popular materials used.

Chinese antiques are particularly fascinating in that they often tell their story through illustrations and imagery. While many Western pieces feature ornate carvings and even the odd image, Chinese woodwork, upholstery and ceramics often feature depictions of everything from daily Chinese life to centuries-old legends. Some engravings are of intricate patterns still typical of Chinese culture today. These patterns and drawings would be completed by hand with various types of paint. When painted onto the red wood they stand out and become the focal point of the room.

On wooden furniture, pieces are often finished in a thick lacquer. Despite being beautiful and charming to look at they were often designed with functionality in mind.

Why choose Chinese antiques?

Choosing to buy a Chinese antique can add unrivalled character to your property. Whether you have your eye on an ornate Chinese hardwood box to be used as a storage unit in the corner of your study, or you want to bring in a painted panelled screen to partition sections of your open-plan living space, there is a stunning Chinese antique for you here at Vinterior.

While we believe that all antiques have the ability to add character, charm and a bit of magic to a space, Chinese antiques really change the narrative of your home and showcase your own personal tastes and interests in an eye-catching way. Don’t forget, too, that you can express your love for Chinese antiques in your choice of lighting – from a 19th century porcelain lamp to a bronze floor lamp with a wooden base.

Of course, when you purchase an antique of any kind you are not only enhancing the look of your home but also taking a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to furniture. With any antique purchase, you should also see it as an investment. Even though they may not be as cheap as a functional modern piece, antiques are significantly more likely to retain or even increase in value.

Shop for Chinese antiques with Vinterior

If you are looking to buy Chinese antiques, then don’t waste another minute. Start browsing through our current listings and find the perfect oriental addition to your home or office. We don’t just host an array of Chinese antique furniture either, you can also browse through paintings, ornaments, bowls and posters.

If you’re still unsure if you want a Chinese antique or if you have your heart set on another style of antique, still take a look at what’s on offer as you might find another treasure, or inspiration for a personal project.