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‘Chiffonier’ is a French term used to describe a particular piece of furniture, not unlike a British sideboard and similar to either a chest of drawers or a dresser. Sometimes a chiffonier has a lockable panel at the top which you can open up, or it can have a shelf above cupboards or drawers. A stylish and elegant storage solution, a vintage chiffonier looks fabulous as part of both modern and traditional interiors. Some of the most beautiful chiffoniers are from the Regency and Victorian periods. Crafted from high quality wood like mahogany and with beautiful decorative details, you can find a wealth of original chiffoniers here at our online marketplace and instantly bring a touch of vintage character to your home.

The irresistible charm of the chiffonier

The chiffonier comes in a range of different styles. Traditionally, the design of British chiffonier like those found in our marketplace involves a top section with drawers or a compartment sealed with a fold-down panel and a larger bottom section enclosed in double doors. The chiffonier retains its practical value in today’s modern home, providing an elegant place to keep all your bits and pieces. Whether you need somewhere to store old documents, your best china or craft stuff, the chiffonier is a charming piece that brings warmth and its own unique story to any kind of interior look.

William IV chiffoniers are from the early 19th century and are some of the most beautiful of their kind. Very similar to the English sideboard, this solid wood design typically features a single shelf supported by columns, sometimes with additional decorative features, which makes a beautiful place to display ornaments or plants. A sideboard top provides a great surface to keep odds and ends, such as a bowl for your keys and other daily bits and bobs. Below you’ll find a spacious cupboard with a double door enclosure – an elegant and efficient storage option for those who love a touch of antique character in their home.

Quality antique chiffoniers are crafted from luxurious polished woods such as solid mahogany and rosewood. A wonderful addition to any area of the house (whether it’s as a feature piece in a living space or bedroom or as part of your interior hallway look) the chiffonier is a snapshot into the illustrious days of 19th century furniture design.

Shopping for Chiffoiniers: discover the magic of antique furniture

Once you’ve had a browse through our marketplace and seen all the beautiful antique, retro and upcycled pieces, it’s unlikely you’ll need much persuasion to buy vintage furniture for your home. But, just in case you do, here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea.

Firstly, vintage furniture tends to be made with better quality materials and using traditional methods. The craftsmanship is such that each piece was built to last and many original 19th century chiffoniers are in perfect condition and full working order to this day. Fill your home with pieces that will stand the test of time, while adding a bit of character to even the most modern interior look.

Buying pre-owned or pre-loved furniture is also a sustainable approach to furnishing your home as you are not relying on modern manufacturing techniques that utilise valuable natural resources; nor are you allowing perfectly good pieces of furniture from ending up in landfill.

Last but not least, buying vintage and antique furniture means you are getting something unique. Why be like everyone else when you can express your individuality in your home? Find beautiful antique chiffoniers and more at our online marketplace today.