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Browsing through our marketplace you’ll realise how easy it now is to find and buy the most unique and wonderful furniture – pieces that you would never have found elsewhere. Here at Vinterior, we have a wide variety of vintage furniture available, from many different periods – some dating back hundreds of years. One of the many different kinds of furniture we stock is Chesterfield furniture. Chesterfield furniture is a highly-sought after style in almost any home and Chesterfield wingback chairs are particularly in demand. Browse through our collection of Chesterfield furniture now.

Choosing chesterfield wingback chairs

Chesterfield furniture has notable features that help it to stand out. By far the most iconic piece is the Chesterfield wingback chair. The shape of the frame, padding and, of course, the leather upholstery with the deep studs are the features that make the Chesterfield wingback chair the famous piece we know and love. Popular in living rooms, as well in a study or a library, a Chesterfield wingback chair can be a wonderful addition to any home. We would recommend spending a quiet afternoon reading a book in one of our Chesterfield wingback chairs to really get a feel of how wonderful they are.

The Chesterfield wingback chair is not simply just a piece of furniture. It will stand in your living room as a piece of history. First commissioned in the 1700s by the Earl of Chesterfield, a known trendsetter in his day, the Chesterfield wingback chair quickly became popular amongst the masses, and its timeless design is still very fashionable today. Its heritage and opulence is clear to see, and will add a touch of class to any living space. Your Chesterfield wingback chair wouldn't look out of place in a royal household or a stately home.

Chesterfield wingback chairs are of exceptional beauty. Their sophistication and elegance will stand out from any other furniture without looking out of place. Chesterfield furniture is great in both contemporary and traditional homes. It can add luxury to a modern home or assist in creating a retro chic vibe. The contrast when placed in more contemporary interiors makes them stand out without overpowering the rest of the room.

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All of our Chesterfield wingback chairs are genuine vintage – not mass-produced replicas. The high quality materials and brilliant design ensure that your Chesterfield wingback chair will be a part of your home for a long time to come. They've been made with exceptional materials that are durable and designed to withstand extensive use. You'll find that our Chesterfield wingback chairs have far more longevity than your modern, factory-made remake. With Vinterior, you're investing in exquisite craftsmanship, using only the very finest materials.

If you are on the hunt for a touch of vintage style, look no further than our marketplace. We have a fantastic selection of Chesterfield chairs to choose from, sourced from only the best furniture stockists and trusted sellers. As always with genuine vintage, there is often only one of each product available, so if you fall in love with a chair in our collection, be sure to buy quickly before it is gone for good.

If you are not hooked on the Chesterfield look, we have more furniture to offer. Keep browsing to see the full range of Chesterfield furniture we have available.