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Here at Vinterior, we stock a variety of vintage chesterfield furniture from our network of stockists from across the country. One item we would encourage you to check out is a chesterfield stool. These stools are of exceptional quality and provide a unique statement to your interior. They don’t last long on our listings before being snapped up, so if you see one you love, you'll need to act quickly. Through Vinterior, you can browse through all the amazing chesterfield furniture currently being sold by our respected furniture boutiques and dealers. Their furniture can range from untouched antiques to upcycled and refurbished pieces worked on by established artists. Take a look through our listings of chesterfield stools now.

Features of chesterfield stools

Chesterfield furniture offers some exceptional features and the brand’s stools are no exception. We have both your typical sitting stool, perfect for a breakfast bar, and foot-stools, which are a wonderful addition to a relaxed living room or snug.

These iconic heritage pieces are made with hardwoods that are extremely durable and supported by additional blocks and polishes. The solid frames are covered with springs and padding. The top of the stool is then covered in leather and feature buttons and studs, giving it the signature chesterfield look we all know and love.

Some stools have legs, and some are blocks of wood completely wrapped in the leather. The vintage block designs can be extended to be a foot stool for more than one person and to be placed in front of a two or three-seater Chesterfield sofa. You can find these chesterfield stools in a number of attractive colours including subtle, bold, dark and bright shades.

Some stools can be fragile because of their small frame. Yet, a chesterfield stool remains as robust and durable as some of the larger pieces of Chesterfield furniture. The combination of durable materials and clever designs make them last a lifetime. Chesterfield furniture is known to be long lasting due to the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into making it. Here at Vinterior, we don't entertain mass-produced furniture, and can assure you that your Chesterfield is no imitation, but built the way you expect. Using only the finest materials, a Chesterfield stool has been made with care.

A vintage chesterfield stool will look classy and sophisticated in any home. Once upon a time these items were only seen in the homes of the upper classes, so having one in your home can really bring a sense of luxury into your home. Be prepared to wow guests and friends with a chesterfield stool.

Last but certainly not least is the environmental benefit of buying a chesterfield stool from us on Vinterior. When you choose a pre-owned Chesterfield stool you are a key part of the recycling process of furniture. This is because you add to the demand for hand-crafted furniture using quality materials, and do not contribute to the demand for factory made, fast interiors.

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Chesterfield stools are the perfect place to get started if you think the Chesterfield style could work in your home. Adding a relatively small addition to your home will give you an idea of the feel Chesterfield furniture can bring to your living space.

Have the features and benefits of vintage chesterfield stools got you hooked? Browse through our entire collection of chesterfield furniture today and complete the look.