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Comfort is key to any successful home. Of course, to make your home as comfortable as possible you need to fill it with the right seating. This means finding the perfect sofa and dining chairs, but it also means introducing occasional seating which provides your home with an extra source of relaxation and design. This is exactly what the club chair offers. A chesterfield club chair provides your home with all this and more. With its iconic design, bringing this chair into your home means adding a touch of historical charm. Discover a fantastic collection of beautiful chesterfield club chairs right here at Vinterior and get inspired to transform your home.

Why choose chesterfield club chairs?

The use of the word “chesterfield” in furniture has been present since before the 19th century. In fact, legend states that it was Lord Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, who commissioned the first leather settee with its distinctively chesterfield deep-buttoned, quilted leather upholstery and low seat base. The aim of the original piece was to allow a gentleman to sit upright comfortably without wrinkling his garment. Since then, the chesterfield design has been used in royal palaces, hotels, restaurants, business offices and an endless number of homes.

While a sofa is the most common piece of chesterfield seating, a club chair is a great way to introduce a subtler piece from this history into your home. Club and armchairs add an instant feeling of class to any home, especially when you choose a luxurious design like a chesterfield.

Introducing a chesterfield club chair into your home

As well as the deep-buttoned leather upholstery, chesterfield club chairs are recognisable by the way that they resemble a classic armchair but with more rounded edges. The tall seat allows users to sit comfortably without slouching, while also making it easy to get into and out of the chair. The rolled arms are also quintessentially chesterfield.

Even the subtler details on chesterfield club chairs add a touch of elegance, such as the metallic studding. These classic designs are the perfect addition to any reading nook, providing a delightful old-school library ambience. Alternatively, any living area can be made to feel cosier and more inviting with a chesterfield. The compact design of a club chair means it can easily be moved around a space, or even around the house, to anywhere where extra seating is required. The natural wear and tear present on more vintage models make them the ideal addition to any study or home office.

Why shop for chesterfield club chairs at Vinterior?

Chesterfield may be a popular design style for many mass-produced high street furniture providers these days, but nothing can beat a vintage chesterfield club chair. These can be difficult to come by, but not when you choose to shop through Vinterior. We are the number one online marketplace for unique furniture, including vintage, antique, retro, mid-century, bespoke, artisan and upcycled pieces. We carefully select our listings from more than one thousand sellers, designers and brands, and every item is completely individual with its own story to tell.

You’ll even find stunning contemporary furniture at Vinterior. We don’t discriminate when it comes to the age of a piece of furniture, we simply seek out character, charm and high quality craftsmanship.

Discover just how diverse the humble club chair can be by exploring the Vinterior collection today.

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