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There are plenty of reasons to do your furniture shopping with us at Vinterior. Not only have we partnered up with the best dealers and sellers Britain has to offer, we’ve also made the process of finding and purchasing quality items extremely easy thanks to our intuitive search tool and filters. Among the many outstanding styles of furniture featured here on our website you'll find on our marketplace is chesterfield furniture. These items have a lot to offer and are highly desired by many homeowners. In particular, chesterfield chairs are among the most iconic and popular vintage and antique pieces we list here at Vinterior. Explore our range today.

Spotting a chesterfield chair

The first thing to say about a chesterfield chair is that it is easy to spot. The button-back finish on leather upholstery, rolled top arms and thick padding all make the chesterfield chair a statement piece of furniture. While chesterfield chairs can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, offices and many other environments, the principle always remains the same: elegance and luxury combine to create a desirable piece of furniture for the ages.

It is hardly surprising to hear that the chesterfield style has been a constant feature in British homes since the 18th century. Chesterfield chairs are an outstanding inclusion into any home interior. They can be purchased in many different colours, from subtle and neutral dark colours to the bolder reds and greens. A Chesterfield chair may have a conventional shape or the chair’s arm-rests may be the same height as the back of the chair.

The benefits of chesterfield chairs

Chesterfield chairs are very easy to incorporate into your ongoing style or theme. Unlike other new additions to your interior which may cause clashes and the need for other pieces to even things out, these chairs fit into traditional and modern décor. The contrast you create by placing a chesterfield chair next to contemporary pieces can even enhance the beauty and character of the chair and make it stand out even more.

The distinctive aesthetic of the chesterfield chair may make you think that it is hard to combine with other pieces of furniture and different styles of interior but the opposite is actually true. Whether you choose to invest in a chesterfield armchair, office chair, stool or sofa, the chesterfield actually works incredibly well in mix and match environments – something that is particularly appealing in a Boho, minimalist or shabby chic environment.

Choosing a vintage chesterfield chair is a popular option because the signs of wear and age that would often make a piece of furniture look less appealing actually serves to make a chesterfield look more enticing. Each line and scuff can help to add character to the piece and welcome guests in to your living space.

By choosing a vintage chesterfield office chair you break the mould of seeking out new furniture made poorly through modern manufacturing techniques. While these pieces will undoubtedly be functional in the short term they will lack the charm and backstory of a vintage piece and they will also most likely not be as durable. After all a traditionally crafted solid wood chesterfield chair is built to last – certainly more than a hastily built option from your high street.

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If you are looking to invest in a chesterfield chair then you have come to the right place. With more than a thousand sellers registered here at Vinterior we are the leading marketplace for antique, vintage and unique furniture in the UK. So, you won’t find a better choice of quality furniture anywhere else.