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Captain’s chairs are effortlessly stylish and historically significant pieces of furniture. The classic captain’s chair cuts a sophisticated silhouette, but is also a comforting and cosy addition to the modern family home, and with the added luxuriousness of chesterfield, a captain’s chair is more than just seating: it’s a statement piece. The shape of a chesterfield captain’s chair is such that it is both lightweight and divinely comfortable, offering style and support in equal measure. Find a beautiful chesterfield captain’s chair at our online marketplace, and get inspiration for your next home revamp today.

Why choose chesterfield captain’s chairs?

The captain’s chair is a traditional design dating back to the 19th century. It features a rounded, sweeping back which flows into the comfortable arm rests. The captain’s chair can be made from solid wood, or upholstered in various fabrics or leather. The chesterfield is a quintessentially British style of seating which is both elegant and supremely comfortable. The style is most closely associated with sofas and chairs, and typically features bolstered upholstery, a deep-buttoned back, padded arms, and a low, comfortable seat.

The captain’s chair (named after its original design as a ship captain’s seat) has evolved into a classic piece that works just as well within a traditional home as in an ultra modern space. If you want something with real depth and character, choose an original Victorian chesterfield captain’s chair. Typically, these are built from solid polished mahogany or oak. Find one in perfect condition with a reupholstered leather back and seat, or discover a piece which has been left with the natural wear and tear of age, and bring a little shabby chic charm to your interior look.

If you want to use your chair as part of your home office setup, choose a chesterfield captain’s swivel chair from the mid-20th century. These pieces and more can be found in perfect (or near perfect) condition in our colourful marketplace.

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If you are looking for something special to complete a room, or you want a matching set of furniture to start building an interior look around, you can find some of the best quality and most characterful pieces by shopping vintage.

Antiques and vintage products have stood the test of time, and were made using classic manufacturing methods, many of which have died out today in favour of cheap, mass-production techniques. This means that, while it might be a more obvious choice to buy modern furniture, most of it won’t provide longevity and you’ll end up having to throw it away and replace it. Not only is this bad from a financial perspective, but also from an environmental one. Choosing to buy a piece of vintage furniture that is pre-owned is an environmentally responsible decision: it means one less piece of contemporary rubbish ends up in a landfill - and it means less energy is used producing it in the first place.

Not only this, but the quality and pleasure you can get out of a vintage piece is unrivalled by most modern furniture. Add character and charm to any home with a stunning chesterfield captain’s chair, sofa or any other item that captures your imagination.

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