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No home is complete without a comfy sofa, but aesthetics are important too. Occasionally a brand comes along who is able to embody both perfectly, such as Cassina. Founded by Cesare and Umberto Cassina, the name of Cassina has become irrevocably connected with high quality furniture. Cassina sofas are a real investment, and a luxury item for the home. Here at Vinterior we’ve got a collection of Cassina sofas at affordable prices. Browse through our online marketplace and discover for yourself the beauty of this brand.

Choosing Cassina sofas

Like all high-quality brands, there have been many companies that have sought to imitate and copy the style of Cassina sofas but none ever quite capture the same style, sophistication and build quality that you get from this wonderful heritage brand.

Whether you are looking for a sleek and sophisticated leather sofa with a bold metal frame for an ultra modern living room, or you want an epic corner sofa to comfortably accommodate the extended family, you will find a great selection here at Vinterior. When shopping for Cassina sofas, here’s what you can expect:


For leather designs, the quality of the material used is a big giveaway as there are few which match the superior quality of Cassina. On Cassina sofas you’ll notice not just a velvety softness, but a certain texture which is visible and authentic. On reproductions you’ll see the leather doesn’t have the same appearance, and will often appear smoothed. This is an artificial process and affects durability and in many cases it will feel rougher to the touch too.

Fluid lines

Cassina sofas are often complimented because of the fluid lines, including on the metallic structures. This is a process which is complex and requires great technical skill. To achieve a smooth and fluid curve which is soft and even, special welding techniques must be used. By contrast, in replica designs the metal structures may be angular and of an uneven thickness.

About Cassina

Originally created in 1927 by brothers Cesare and Umberto, Cassina is an Italian furniture design company that has grown in stature over the years. Post-war, its reputation started to precede it and popularity for this luxury brand started to rocket.

The industrialisation of the 1950s onwards was the start of something special for Cassina and it went on to be commissioned for a number of high profile projects including hotels, restaurants and cruise ships.

What made Cassina particularly special was its collaboration with a number of other revered designers. It’s this which has helped to keep the style of the brand fresh and new and spanning a wide variety of genres. Some of the designers Cassina has worked with over the years include Gio Ponti, Mario Bellini, Toshiyuki Kita, Vico Magistretti, Gaetano Pesce, Philippe Starck, Piero Lissoni and Marie Massaud, among many others.

Cassina have designed and produced many types of furniture including tables as well as soft furnishings. However their sofas are highly sought-after, with vintage designs much in demand.

Shop for vintage Cassina sofas with Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we’ve got the real deal in Cassina sofas with a collection of different styles available. Thanks to our wide network of trusted sellers, we are the leading online marketplace in the UK for heritage and bespoke furniture. And so why not take the time to explore our listings to find inspiration for your own home.