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If you are looking to bring class and character to your interior design, while also removing clutter, then a period cabinet or artisan bureau could be the furniture solution you’ve been looking for. Take the time to explore our online marketplace and choose from a range of mid century, vintage and antique cabinets and bureaus to suit every taste and style.<br><br>Perhaps you are looking to add an air of sophistication to your kitchen or maybe you want to give a unique look to your dining room. No matter which room you are furnishing, if you want something different from the generic, flat-pack options commonly available on the market, Vinterior is the place for you.

Antique cabinets and bespoke bureaus

Once a staple of home storage, the classic cabinet is now firmly back in the spotlight as a unique and attractive way to display the items you’re particularly proud of. Browse our collection today and find the perfect addition to your home. We all have those items we’d rather keep tucked away out of sight to avoid a cluttered home, and similarly we all have those items we choose to display proudly. Cabinets provide the opportunity to do both, all while bringing a truly stylish and one of a kind feature into your home décor.

Find inspiration by exploring the range of beautiful storage solutions available at Vinterior. Whether you’re looking to store files, drinks, china, records, clothing or just general bits and bobs, you can find both antique and newly designed cabinets and bureaus for every space and room in the home.

Choosing stylish vintage cabinets

Our collection of antique, new and bespoke cabinets, bars and bureaus come in a variety of materials, sizes and finishes, offering something for every home and every budget. These include cocktail cabinets with decadent designs, iron and glass medicine cabinets, mid-century vintage bureaus, art deco light up display units, antique filing cabinets and 1960s teak cocktail bars. Next to these elegant and carefully crafted items of furniture, everyday cabinets and units from contemporary furniture shops simply pale in comparison.

Antique bureaus

Bureaus are coming rapidly back into fashion as statement pieces in the 21st century home as people look to add aesthetic appeal to both social and private spaces within the home. Antique bureaus are the perfect addition to any living room, dining room or study space, providing a unique zone for working, writing and catching up on correspondence. As more and more people take advantage of flexible employment arrangements and spend an increasing amount of time working from home, bureaus are often top of a proud homeowner’s shopping list.

At Vinterior, you’ll find a huge collection of bureaus from various eras, including the 19th century. With materials like mahogany, maple and fruitwood, the bureaus you’ll find at our online marketplace provide surface and storage space in a multitude of sizes to fit any space.

Retro and artisan storage

Of course, not everyone wants their home to look like a Victorian office or smoking room. There is plenty of choice for those who wish to find a more modern storage solution at Vinterior. You can find a selection of bespoke bureaus and sleek cabinets built by talented craftspeople. Our selection of funky retro and characterful new storage options can create a truly unique look in the home.

Antique medical furniture for sale

One of the best things about introducing vintage furniture into your home is that you get to repurpose existing pieces with their own rich history, often giving them a brand new purpose. For example, at Vinterior you’ll find a selection of antique medical storage furniture, including vintage medical cabinets. These make the perfect addition to a kitchen or bathroom, or even a quirky living room. No matter what kind of antique cabinets you are searching for, you’ll find it at Vinterior.

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