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There are very few pieces of furniture that can truly be described as versatile. Most items perform only one function, and even if they perform them extremely well, they hardly make your domestic life more efficient. A piece of furniture that can be both decorative and practical, and as full of character as it is adaptable, is hard to come by. If you're searching for a beautiful, useful piece of furniture to bring a little extra personality to your home, then a butler tray table may be the answer to your prayers. These charming little tables from a bygone age are great for hallways, kitchens, sitting rooms and bedrooms, so they can fit right into any room of the house you feel could use a new lease of life. Explore our online marketplace today to browse through our inspiring collection of butler tray tables.

Why choose butler tray tables?

A butler tray table is a collapsible table with a detachable tray on its surface. Its origins can be traced back to sometime in mid-eighteenth century England, presumably in the grand houses of the age, where a butler would carry in a tray loaded with a silver tea surface mid afternoon, the frame hooked under his arm.

This is the kind of elegance and history the butler tray table evokes, but over the years the styles of butler tray tables have diversified from the traditional X-framed Chippendale models of Georgian times. This variety is reflected within the Vinterior collection. On our website you will find tables to suit every taste and requirement, from antique oriental teak models, perfect for a bohemian style living room or classically designed bedroom, to sleek ultra-modern metal pieces, better suited to more contemporary interiors. Every table has a detachable tray in the same style, and is full of unique personality that can bring new life to any setting.

The main charm of a butler tray table is, of course, the fact that this item can be applied in so many ways in the home. Many people use them as extra side tables, for decoration or an extra drinks surface, but the detachable tray makes such luxuries as breakfast in bed, or practical uses like transporting food or drink from one room to another, much more convenient. Many people invest in butler tray tables out of necessity, to more easily care for a sick or elderly relative. However you decide to use it, most of our models are lightweight and collapsible, meaning that you can always move them around should your circumstances or needs change over time.

Why shop for butler tray tables at Vinterior?

At Vinterior we are passionate about furniture with character. We sell pieces from every era and every design aesthetic, from colonial tables to Art Deco chairs; contemporary pieces to furniture made several hundred years ago. As long as it is of the highest quality, and bursting with charming personality, we love how a piece of furniture can add to and evolve an interior design.

But despite the size of our range, we are highly selective about who we do business with. We only ever work with the most reputable sellers, designers and brands in the business, so you can rest assured that, whatever kind of furniture you're after, any piece from us will be of the highest quality.

Explore our listings today to discover our stunning collection of butler tray tables for yourself. Prepare to be inspired.

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