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The art used to adorn your interiors is just as important as the furniture, lighting and accessories that sit at the centre of your design scheme. With so many artists, eras and movements to choose from however, selecting the art that is right for you is getting more and more difficult. Here at Vinterior, we feature a wide range of art from varying eras and in varying forms. Alongside our canvases and framed prints, our pottery collection is particularly wide ranging, providing the ornate and statement pieces our customers love. Our Brutalist pottery range is particularly popular, and we supply a number of stunning creations that embody the style as a result. Looking for the Brutalist pottery that will help to transform your interior with attitude? Look no further than our online marketplace.

Why choose Brutalist pottery?

When mid-century and Scandinavian designers were busy crafting the sleek and modern furnishings we still love to add to our home interiors today, the British art scene was busy creating the Brutalist pieces that make an impact more than 60 years on. The ultra-modern and even industrial interior design schemes of today all benefit from the addition of our Brutalist pottery. Inspired by the modernist architecture made famous in the 1950s, Brutalist art now offers inspiration for interiors, delivering a mini statement in your own living space.

Just like the Brutalist buildings they take inspiration from, our Brutalist pottery has a raw and commanding presence, qualities that mean innovation and edge can be added to your interior.

Incorporating Brutalist pottery into your home

Our Brutalist pottery pieces look great in many interior design schemes. Best suited to minimalist or industrially inspired looks, our Brutalist art provides texture and interest to spaces of all shapes and sizes. Using the raw materials that the art movement is known for, our Brutalist pottery is an iconic and captivating addition to any space.

At Vinterior, we feature original Brutalist pottery from a number of well-known designers. Our Bernard Rooke collection is particularly extensive with a range of stunning and insightful pieces to explore. Among our listings you may find an early Bernard Rooke 1960s Brutalist pottery vase. Signifying the Brutalist movement down to the very last detail, this rare gem is an early cast piece made from sticky ball clay and certainly won’t be sitting in our collection for very long.

Our Bernard Rooke works don’t end there. You may also find our Bernard Rooke Studio Pottery Table Lamp. Again sporting the Brutalist design, this vintage piece originates from 1967-1968, and provides a beautiful interpretation of the style as well as the characteristics Rooke is known for.

Why shop for Brutalist pottery with Vinterior?

When sourcing the Brutalist pottery that will work within your home, finding the right supplier is half the battle. Here at Vinterior, we make it simple for you to source Brutalist pottery creations from the designers you admire. Our collaboration with countless independent boutiques, dealers and sellers brings Brutalist pottery and other vintage art direct to your door, giving you all you need to add the finishing touches to your home interior.

Discover the Brutalist pottery that will transform your mid-century, shabby chic or industrial interior design scheme right here by shopping with us now. Thanks to a network of more than 1000 sellers nationwide, we boast the finest range of furniture and artwork in the UK.