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While many see the term “concrete jungle” as negative, this phrase was actually used to positively describe the Brutalist style as it began to flourish in the 1950s. At its height, the Brutalist movement influenced everything, shaping the way individuals see the man-made materials traditionally referred to as ‘ugly’ and ‘unappealing’. Thought to have originated in Britain, Brutalism went onto impact art, architecture and even furniture design across the globe. Almost 70 years after its birth, the Brutalist style is making something of a comeback with the vintage furniture, accessories and artwork that adopted the style now in high demand. At Vinterior, we feature a range of Brutalist pieces in our ever-expanding collection. Shop our Brutalist range today for ideas and inspiration.

Why choose Brutalist furniture?

The Brutalist movement can still be seen on our streets today, with a variety of buildings wearing the style like a badge of honour. Brutalism can be seen up and down the country with London’s National Theatre, Coventry’s Cathedral and Leeds University’s halls of residence all classic examples of Brutalist beauty. Whilst these architectural examples show Brutalism on a much grander scale, the style is moving swiftly into our home interiors. Many properties are now using Brutalist furniture, accessories and art to decorate both minimalist and rustic design schemes.

Choosing to adopt the Brutalist style within your home isn’t one that’s taken lightly. By choosing Brutalism you are making a proud statement, using materials that aren’t exactly soft, fluffy or comforting as many home décor accessories are. Like the buildings Brutalism takes inspiration from, our Brutalist furniture and art is commandeering, powerful and utterly different.

Incorporating the Brutalist style into your home

Some may see the Brutalist pieces we feature as part of our range in a less than flattering light. But it’s important to note that so many people design and implement thoughtful, liveable spaces using Brutalist furniture, accessories and art. Brutalism can look beautiful in any part of the modern day home. Brutalist style flooring, polished concrete countertops and trough-style sinks being just some of the inspired items that look great both inside and out.

The Brutalist look is currently undergoing a revival, with the styled, vintage pieces that make the aesthetic possible now considered cool, luxe and cutting edge interior choices. Incorporating the Brutalist style within your home couldn’t be simpler with the right furniture, accessories and artwork in tow. Luckily we supply a range of Brutalist style items, including original designs, to help you bring the trend to your own home. In our Brutalist collection you’ll find furniture pieces of all types, including Brutalist coffee tables, sideboards and dining tables. Among our listings you may find a set of two Brutalist wall sconces. Hailing from the 1970s, these stylish wall lights were designed by Longobard, and are made from the most ornate, beautifully restored, vintage green iron and hammered glass.

Why shop for Brutalist pieces with Vinterior?

Shopping for the Brutalist pieces that help you consolidate your interior look is easy with Vinterior. Our work with independent boutiques, dealers and sellers means we’re always able to deliver a continuous supply of Brutalist furniture and accessories, statement pieces that can be used to transform any room in your home.

Take a closer look at our Brutalist collection now and find the high quality, on-trend and characterful vintage pieces that make your look authentic.