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Brights of Nettlebed is a longstanding British company specialising in producing beautiful reproduction furniture. From their roots in the 1866 antiques specialist, Biggs of Maidenhead, Brights continues to be held in high regard for the quality and supreme attention to detail in each and every piece of furniture produced. Creating everything from antique Georgian-style gilt mantel mirrors to Victorian walnut filing cabinets, Brights of Nettlebed is a world-renowned purveyor of beautiful furniture and accessories – ideal for bringing warmth and character to even the most modern of homes. Discover a huge collection of authentic Brights of Nettlebed items by browsing our online marketplace, and find the next treasure for your interior space.

What to expect from Brights of Nettlebed

Brights of Nettlebed covers a wide range of antique-inspired furniture styles, so it’s hard to pin down one specific characteristic to look out for when browsing the company’s creations. Indeed, as the UK’s leading specialist in classical furniture reproduction, the company features thousands of items of stock, as well as making impressive bespoke furniture to order. One thing you can be sure of though, is the commitment to quality shown in each and every piece.

Discover a gorgeous array of lamps, coffee tables, dining sets, cabinets, beds, tables, cabinets and chairs from Brights of Nettlebed, and breathe instant character and a sense of history into your space. Brights is also responsible for creating a broad range of beautiful home accessories, including scatter cushions, tapestries, free-standing room accents, paintings and silk rugs – the finishing touches you need for your home, with an added flavour of antiquity.

You can find Brights of Nettlebed furniture in our online marketplace. With a steady stream of verified antiques dealers and furniture sellers from around the country, you are bound to find gorgeous Brights of Nettlebed pieces within our listings.

Why buy from Brights of Nettlebed?

Each and every Brights of Nettlebed piece is crafted in a way that is incredibly close to the original. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice style and character, even if you can’t get your hands on the antique design that you truly want to incorporate into your home.

Choosing vintage and reproduction furniture for your interior is a guaranteed way to ensure durability and quality that will last you for years to come. Rather than settling for substandard modern flat pack furniture that will only last a handful of years (and likely won’t survive when you move home), choose a piece that you have really fallen in love with that will be functional, reliable and enable you to express your unique personality and sense of style.

Brights promotes the traditional values of British furniture making, with design and build skills passed down through generations of staff.

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