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There are some items of furniture that are simply timeless, fitting into homes which are both classically themed and contemporary. The bookcase is the perfect example of this, offering functionality, convenience, versatility and also a sense of gravitas that few other items of furniture can achieve. Almost every home has a bookshelf in at least one room, even in the modern era of technology. Great for a wide range of purposes beyond just books, a bigger bookcase is an essential piece of furniture no one should be without. At Vinterior we have a great range of bookcases – from antique to vintage to contemporary – in a variety of styles that will complement any type of decor. Take a look at our online catalogue today, whether you’re planning on a purchase or just looking for inspiration.

A bookcase in every room

Historically, a bookcase may have been found in libraries of the homes of the rich, protecting thick tomes and expensive encyclopaedias. Fast-forward to the modern era and bookcases are used all over the home, in the lounge, conservatory, playrooms and bedrooms, to name but a few.

As the name suggests, bookcases are traditionally used to house books and even now when digital books are in vogue, many homes still have some precious titles that they want to keep – be it works of fiction, biographies, travel guides or cookery books.

Whether you want a tall and grand bookcase that has plenty of room, or a slimline design for just a few special titles, there are bookcases in all shapes and sizes to choose from. However, the modern trend for versatility means that even if you don’t have a huge collection of books, you could still use a bookcase in your home. Antique and vintage designs in particular tend to be beautifully made and the chance to include examples of master craftsmanship means getting creative.

Rather than holding books, some homeowners choose to use the shelves to display ornaments models or other pieces of home decor. This can be a wonderful partnership, with the simple and minimalist appearance accentuating the detailing, carving and finishing on the bookcase. In the bedroom, bookcases have even more potential uses. Small designs make the perfect bedside cabinet, while elsewhere in the room, they can offer great storage for folded clothes.

Find bookcases with personality at Vinterior

At Vinterior we have a huge range of bookcases in many different styles which look stunning however you choose to use them. Whether your home has a traditional decor or a contemporary look, you’ll be able to find one that you love. Italian Baroque, Edwardian mahogany and French Louis XV are just some of the incredible styles and influences to look out for, a grand addition to any room. Fitting into a sophisticated decor which is highly polished and classically-themed, these types of bookcase are beautifully ornate with intricate carvings.

However, bookcases look good in a rustic setting, too, with styles such as vintage Ercol and French string shelving able to complement this type of decor. From open shelving to glass-fronted bookcases, you’ll discover bookcases from a range of different eras. We believe there’s something truly special about upcycled and heritage furniture, and when you choose an antique or vintage bookcase you’ll be reviving a little bit of the past.

Browse through our catalogue today online for bookcases and much more besides.