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If you are hoping to bring the Boho look into your home, you've come to the right place. We have everything from furnishings to accessories to give your living space the bohemian look you desire. This collection really captures the Bohemian style. These pieces can enhance your living space and add relaxation, creativity and fun to your home’s interior. There are almost no rules when designing a Boho space, giving you full creative freedom. Bright colours and eccentric styles are all available to you. Browse through our Boho furniture collection now.

How to use Boho furniture

Boho furniture is a great option for someone looking to add a little vibrancy to a home. It isn't for the faint of heart, though. You have got to be willing to make a confident statement in your living space. Bohemian furniture lets go of most of the rules we expect to see from more traditional pieces, and instead chooses bold and striking over classic and elegant. Whether you're aiming for Bohemian or Victorian, here at Vinterior you can be sure that all of our furniture is exquisitely made from only the finest materials. We never compromise quality for style.

To identify the eclectic interior associated with the Boho style there are a few giveaways. The Boho style is aimed at the non-conformist and the experimental interior designer. It places difference together to add real character and quirkiness to a room.

The Boho style may make use of floral, botanical, cultural or destination themes, or even a combination of them. Expect to see these sorts of images or the natural colours associated with them on any piece of Boho furniture.

The materials used may also be mixed. Boho furniture may combine hard and soft materials such as wood, glass, bamboo and fabrics. The common use of bamboo can be seen as a continuation of their cultural thematic. Overall, the mixing of materials gives furniture of this style quite different textures.

When it comes to shapes and patterns, the Boho style rips up the furniture handbook. These items of furniture combine different shapes and patterns into one item. Or each Boho item can play a part in the miss-match as a whole. You’ll also notice a lot of rounded edges instead of straight and sharp lines.

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Choosing Boho furniture can be a fantastic way to show your innovative, artistic, fun and colourful personality. Not everyone is brave enough to try such unorthodox combinations but Boho furniture can certainly bring out the creative in you.

As there are no strict rules when making your Bohemian space there is also more room to be creative. Gaining the freedom to experiment with different materials and patterns is an exceptional benefit of choosing to take on a Boho interior.

When you have created your Bohemian theme the likelihood of somebody else recreating your exact compositions is slim to none. This means that choosing Boho style is a fantastic way of personalising your home and making it as unique as possible.

We are always looking for new pieces, so be sure to keep checking back as we update our inventory regularly. Take a look through our vast collection of Boho furniture now – we have many different products to choose from, all sourced from a variety of some of the best vintage furniture boutiques from up and down the country.