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If you are familiar with industrial design you will know that this popular style is all about taking the things that are traditionally hidden during the building or construction process and turning them into features. From exposed brick walls to metal beams and even pipework, this unrefined and raw look is certainly an arresting one. As the industrial style has evolved, other aspects of “warehouse” chic have also come to the fore – including warehouse lighting, furniture and even features such as coat hooks and storage lockers taken direct from a factory floor. If you love all things industrial, then why not explore the trend referred to as “Bloc Vintage” a style that showcases the most utilitarian of factory features, many of which have been sourced from Eastern Europe, as the name suggests. Explore our range of bloc vintage furniture now.

Why choose bloc vintage?

Here at Vinterior we love to see old items with new life breathed into them and we regularly feature a stunning collection of bloc vintage products. Perhaps the most popular industrial or warehouse product in the bloc vintage category is lighting. Vintage industrial lighting salvaged from former Eastern bloc factories are typically large, heavy, durable and certainly impactful. Some feature cool elementssuch as vitreous enamelled spun steel reflectors and hang on heavy duty chain pendants. Other lighting options include caged factory pendants and machinist’s lamps – both desk and freestanding varieties.

Want a piece of furniture to complement your industrial lighting? How about a block vintage clothes rail and bench taken from a factory changing room? This piece can be effective in a hallway as a place to hang coats and take a pew when tying your shoelace.

The beauty of industrial design

Here at Vinterior we love the recycling and upcycling of products, as furniture and fixtures are given a second lease of life. However, industrial design goes one step further than simply recycling preloved items; it requires a bit of imagination to think more creatively about new potential uses for functional products of the past. A good example of industrial design, or industrial chic as it’s often called, is the use of old machinist workstations as office desks or even as ktichen islands in some cases.

What should I know about industrial design?

If you like a bold and edgy decor, bloc vintage could be for you. However, there are a few essential factors to bear in mind.

In the majority of cases you won’t be receiving an item that’s in pristine condition; half of the beauty is in its authentic appearance. This may mean the paint is worn or chipped or its faded in places; this simply adds to the overall appeal.

Although it’s expected to receive an item that’s not immaculate, it shouldn’t be dangerous in any way. bloc vintage sell industrial-style lighting which was previously used in eastern bloc countries; this is a look that’s highly sought after. However, you should always check whether a new inner lamp holder has been fitted and whether it is safe to be plugged into the wall. All of our listings at Vinterior contain this information so you can reassure yourself of the safety before purchase.

There are many advantages in opting for bloc vintage lighting; industrial items were designed to be strong and long-lasting. They will be far more durable than your average household design and could be more powerful too. You’ll need to check each individual item for specific details but as a general rule, with industrial style decor you’ll find it has impressive durability.

Find your look at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we’ve got a collection of bloc vintage furniture and lighting in a range of styles, including ceiling, pendant and floor lamps. Our online catalogue has all the information you need; browse through today and discover for yourself the hidden beauty of industrial chic.