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Blackamoor art is a dynamically distinctive artform with a long history. There are examples which date back to the 1600s, having been sculpted by Italian artist, Andrea Brustolon. Many of the examples date from the Early Modern period, originating across the warmer regions of Western Europe. Due to its instantly recognisable design and highly stylised nature, the unique look of Blackamoor art has led to pieces becoming a popular collector’s item today. Sometimes seen as standalone statues or as figures combined into other items such as lamps or pieces of furniture, the image of the Blackamoor can be easily identified, recognised and admired as a truly stand out statement piece. Discover fine examples of Blackamoor art at Vinterior, and find inspiring ways to incorporate this unique artform into your home.

The characteristics of Blackamoor art

The image of the Blackamoor figure is exceptionally distinctive, with a stylised look that brings a sense of playfulness to the otherwise luxurious and historical designs. The classic Blackamoor sculpture will usually be male, and feature richly ornamented head coverings. The decorative detailing is typically highly ornate with enamelling, gold leaf and decadent jewels. The figures are generally carved out of ebony, or otherwise painted in darker tones to allow the embellishments to stand out even more vibrantly.

While some depictions only show the head and shoulders, or even just the head of the Blackamoor, in many pieces the sculpture depicts the entire body. In these cases, the figure often serves a dual purpose, perhaps as a small table or stand, as an andiron or as a candle holder. Frequently seen in pairs, some Blackamoor artworks show the figure holding acrobatic positions for an even more eye-catching home addition.

Buying vintage or antique Blackamoor art

The combination of playful characteristics and highly detailed decorations means that many homeowners can’t help but admire the strong visual appeal of these beautiful works of art. The stylised appearances of these figures reveal hidden historical gems, reflecting past eras in heritage, aesthetics and design. Not only that, but the character that they bring to a room is unbeatable. For anyone who values a talking point or who is searching for the ideal focal point for their room, Blackamoor art could be the ideal choice.

Many pieces of Blackamoor art are also functional as well as ornately decorative, be it a table, lamp, set of bookends or something else entirely. This means that you can enjoy two benefits at once from your purchase, marrying form and functionality in perfect harmony.

Like any of the finest antique or vintage pieces of furniture, Blackamoor art adds a sense of authenticity and flair to any interior setting space.

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