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Bespoke items of furniture are a fantastic addition to any home. Individually hand crafted to the designer’s individual taste – or yours if you have been fortunate enough to commission it – they are truly unique pieces that will bring a sense of individuality to your home. This is especially true of larger items that take up a lot of space and capture the eye, such as tables, chairs and even sideboards. Whether it’s a dining table, a coffee table, a side table or any other type of table, you’ll find bespoke versions on our marketplace. Our marketplace only hosts Britain’s most respected and trusted furniture boutiques and craftspeople, so you can purchase bespoke tables through us with the utmost confidence that you’re receiving only the finest vintage furniture. Take a look at some of the stunning bespoke tables available today.

Bespoke tables: innovation in design

Choosing bespoke items can make a real statement in your home. These items simply cannot be found in another home, they are entirely unique in their look and build. If you are bored of the usual styles of table available and are looking for a quirky addition to your living space, you'll love the bespoke tables we have available.

One of the key elements of the bespoke–upcycling trend is to take heritage items and repurpose them as part of something completely new. An example of this would be adding a glass table-top to a stand made from old car wheels – something that can make for a stunning coffee table. Alternatively, a table made be all of wood but utilise only pieces of driftwood for a truly organic and rustic appearance.

While it is impossible to predict what you will find in our bespoke listings at any one time, you can guarantee that there will always be a guaranteed conversation starter.

You'll find the styles and designs in this collection will be hard to pinpoint to a particular era. They may be influenced by some of your favourite periods in furniture design history, bringing them together in an exciting fusion. Traditional builds decorated in modern designs and colours are particularly popular with customers. A vibrant mix of old and new performs well in many homes, as most of us enjoy both traditional and modern interior design in our living spaces already.

Benefits of buying bespoke

The key attribute of bespoke tables is undoubtedly their individuality. This adds a unique touch to a space which will intrigue visitors. In a time where a lot of similar pieces of furniture are in circulation, finding an entirely individual piece can be a grave challenge. These bespoke tables are one of the best ways of achieving an interior that simply cannot be imitated.

Bespoke tables are usually of better quality than regular tables, as they are not mass-produced in any form. They are also entirely one-off pieces and as such, were hand-crafted by a designer with a vision for their look. A bespoke item is often worked on for many more hours and is manufactured with materials of a higher quality. This ensures that your bespoke table will be enjoyed by you and your family for many years to come.

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Before Vinterior, you would have to contact multiple dealers before hunting down the exact piece of furniture you’re looking for. We’ve taken all the time and stress away by bringing the best sellers to you via our marketplace. To see what bespoke tables are currently being traded, start browsing now. Our listings are frequently updated so remember to keep checking in with us.