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Perhaps it's time to invest in a sink that demands attention; an attractive, practical unit bursting with character and charm. A Belfast sink unit would be just such an investment. Large, elegant and full of personality, these units are the perfect addition to any kitchen, bathroom or utility room, providing both aesthetic appeal and usability. And now you can find a range of Belfast sink units on one website, saving yourself time and energy. Explore Vinterior today to browse through our stunning collection of Belfast sink units.

Why choose a Belfast sink unit?

You spend more time at the sink than you might realise. Whether its brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, bathing the baby or simply getting a glass of water, the sink plays a surprisingly important role in day to day home life. And so choosing a unit that makes you happy and enhances the look of your home can be more important than many would give credit for.

Belfast sinks gained prominence in the early 1700s, as a deeper adaptation of the butler sink, which were used – you guessed it – primarily by butlers tasked with cleaning larger items and who therefore required a deep, hardwearing sink. This depth and durability, alongside a clean, classic white enamel design, explains why the popularity of Belfast sinks has endured into the twenty-first century.

The Vinterior collection is filled with pieces made to the same specifications as those made three hundred years ago, but which have been incorporated into fresh units that come in a variety of design aesthetics and sizes; ensuring that you can have a Belfast sink in your home regardless of your decor or size requirements.

Our Belfast sink units come in oak or pine; with steel surroundings or in one hundred percent wood; with space for a washing machine/dishwasher, or with plenty of cupboard and drawer space; in a bold industrial design inspired by Scandinavian industrialism, or in a charming English farmhouse aesthetic, and everything in-between. Every unit has been handcrafted by a manufacturing expert, and is full of one-of-a-kind character. This quality and unique charm is what links every unit within our highly diverse range.

Belfast sinks are beautiful, but they are also highly practical. Their depth makes them extremely useful for washing larger crockery and clothes, and for bathing babies and smaller pets, and they are very easy to clean afterwards. A quick scrub is all they require. Their enamel is also scratch and heat resistant; perfect for a busy family kitchen. Combine all this with the extra surface area and storage space provided by our gorgeous units, and a Belfast sink unit can make your home a more streamlined, clutter free place to live.

Why shop for Belfast sink units with Vinterior?

Vinterior is the leading online marketplace for furniture with character and heritage in the UK. During our time providing the homes of Britain with gorgeous furniture we have garnered a reputation for excellence. All our furniture is of the highest quality and full of charm. Despite the size of our collection we are very selective about who we do business with; working only with the most trusted designers, traders and brands.

At Vinterior, we do not limit ourselves to furniture from a particular era or style. As well as new Belfast sink units, you will also find pieces from decades gone by, with many different looks, from mid-century modernism to rustic shabby chic. As long as the unit shows plenty of personality and expert craftsmanship, we love to showcase it.

Browse our listings now to see our collection of Belfast sink units for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

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