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Sometimes known as a nightstand, bedside cabinets are a piece of bedroom furniture that almost everyone needs. Regardless of the room you have available, a bedside cabinet is an essential that makes life that little bit more convenient. The perfect place to leave a glass of water, your alarm clock, a lamp and perhaps a good book, a bedside table is functional. Yet that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be attractive too. Whether you’re looking for a real antique or a retro vintage design, there’s a great selection of bedside cabinets in a variety of shapes and styles for you to pick from. Here at Vinterior we are passionate about heritage and vintage furniture and have a wonderful choice of bedside cabinets on our online marketplace. Take a look at what’s on offer and discover a new style of bedside cabinet for your boudoir.

Buying bedside cabinets

With such a huge choice of bedside cabinets at Vinterior you might be wondering how to start narrowing the numbers down. There are a few factors that everyone should take into account when buying a bedside cabinet. Let’s run through the essentials here:How low to go?

When it comes to bedside cabinets, height matters. If you have a high bedframe, you don’t want to have to lean right down to your cabinet. Conversely, if your bed frame is low and your cabinet is high, having to reach up will increase the risk of accidents. Very roughly speaking, your bedside cabinet should be the same height as the top of your mattress for easy and practical access.

At Vinterior, you’ll notice that we include the dimensions of every item so you can make sure it’s a match before you buy.

Consider proportions

If you fall in love with a bedside cabinet, think about how it will look in your room before you snap it up. More specifically, consider whether it will work well with the rest of your bedroom decor. For example, you may be able to physically fit the bedroom cabinet in the space available but if it’s a huge, sprawling design and your boudoir is fairly small and compact, it’s going to look out of place. Similarly, if you’re blessed with ample space and have a large, king-size bed, a tiny cabinet will get lost in the overall scheme.

No matter how much you may adore a certain bedside cabinet, make sure you take the overall effect into account.

Do you need storage?

There’s something effortlessly chic about a mid-century bedside cabinet which is minimalist and sleek. However, you need to ask yourself: am I being realistic? If you like to keep lots of items close to you, if you don’t plump for a cabinet with generous storage, the top will end up messy and cluttered. Minimalist designs need to be kept clear to have the desired visual effect; if this doesn’t sound like you then choose a style with cupboards or drawers instead. Art Deco bedside cabinets offer clean lines but with extra storage, delivering the same sleek look but with more practical use.

Find your perfect bedside cabinet with Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we love nothing more than helping you find your perfect bedside mate and we have a huge selection of cabinets for you to choose from. Browse through our online catalogue today and look for your dream match.