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Beautiful Italian furniture looks stunning in any home and B&B Italia is a global brand with a wide range of designs. Combining creativity and practicality, their sofas have received international acclaim and feature in many homes around the world. Piero Ambrogio Busnelli was the man with the vision at the start of B&B Italia’s journey and today, his vintage sofas are still a popular buy. Credited with revolutionising the sofa industry, Busnelli and his family founded B&B Italia and continue to manage the company today. At Vinterior you’ll find a selection of the best vintage B&B Italia sofas on the market, all of which have been beautifully maintained and offer an eclectic retro appeal.

Why choose a Vintage B&B Italia sofa

B&B Italia are one of the greatest innovators in the sofa industry and created the modern metal frame and moulded foam design. The company launched in the 1960s and quickly identified a better way of creating modern sofas that combined aesthetic appeal with genuine durability and build quality.

The cold foam process of making sofas remains almost unchanged to this day, and when combined with the beautiful Italian styling, it’s not hard to see why the market-leading designs of B&B Italia are so loved.

Over the years, B&B Italia blazed a trail of sofas which set trends, fitting in with the theme of the decade. From the modular look of the 1970s to the stylised sofas of the 1980s, the seating was wide and varied and fitted decors of all types.

B&B Italia are often described as the creators of the modern sofa and they’ve mastered the technique to absolute perfection. With fabrics which range from outrageously lavish velvet to elegant leather, and everything in between, B&B Italia have a fabulous collection of vintage sofas which are just as desirable today as the day they were originally designed.

Incorporating a Period B&B Italia Sofa into your home

Choosing the right B&B Italia sofa is quite a big job due to the enormous range of styles available. With such a diverse collection of shapes and detailing, it’s possible to find seating which works with all types of decor, and in different rooms, too.

Leather is always an excellent choice for living areas, being practical enough to wipe clean and also complementing both traditional and contemporary decor. If your bedroom is large enough, a cosy velvet sofa is an ideal intimate addition for the boudoir.

B&B capture every style and every mood, and if you take a look at the Vinterior catalogue you’ll find we’ve got a huge array of sofas from the designer - and it’s constantly being updated, too!

We love new and upcycled B&B Italia sofas, too

At Vinterior we’re passionate about vintage and period pieces and we believe that B&B Italia sofas are not just great value for money, but are also incredibly beautiful. The good news is that it’s possible to buy brand new B&B Italia sofas - and we love those as well!

Vinterior is all about the very best furniture and accessories and B&B Italia hits the mark every time. Whether it’s their vintage range or one of their new designs, we’re big fans of this exquisite Italian craftsmanship.

Discover your perfect Sofa Italia with Vinterior

We’re always on the lookout for more B&B Italia furniture so if you’re a trade seller, please get in touch. We’ve got plenty for trade buyers too, just take a look at our website to find out more.