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If you’ve ever been lucky enough to glimpse the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, you’ll know just how beautiful this incredible light show really is. A natural phenomenon, the Aurora Borealis is an incredible display of nature that appears in the sky at high altitude – but the conditions have to be right for it to be visible. While witnessing the beauty of the Northern Lights isn’t a daily occurrence, you can add a flavour of this natural phenomenon to your home with Aurora Borealis wallpaper instead. Explore Vinterior today and you’ll see what we mean.

Aurora Borealis wallpaper: the beauty of the Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis is something that many people yearn to see yet unfortunately it’s never guaranteed even if you trek to the right location, such as Iceland. Climatic conditions have to be spot on for the magical dancing lights to be visible to the naked eye.

Whether you have seen the Northern Lights first-hand or not, you can appreciate the beauty by creating a glorious tribute in your own home. At Vinterior we offer the contemporary Aurora Borealis wallpaper for sale, which is printed to order and has a lead time of 1-3 weeks. Created in beautifully subtle tones of grey, blue and white, the wallpaper uses relief silhouettes and a fusion of other techniques to create a result which simply dazzles.

How you choose to decorate your room with this style of wallpaper is your personal choice but here at Vinterior, we think it works particularly well with vintage decor. From bamboo and rattan furniture to clean, stripped wood, the focus on nature and simple beauty can be utterly stunning.

Like the Aurora Borealis itself, the wallpaper can’t be fully taken in with just a glance. The longer you look, the more layers you’ll find to the design, with subtle nuances of colour arranged artfully across the panels.

This wallpaper was designed by Ellie Popp and allows you to use your own creativity in your decor. A mural style of wallpaper, there are four panels in every design which doesn’t repeat any of the features.

Complementing with your Aurora Borealis wallpaper

If you choose Aurora Borealis wallpaper, you’ll want to make this the star of your room so choose a wall which is clearly visible and offers plenty of space. This will create the most noticeable effect and show off the design to its maximum capacity.

There are many different types of decor which work well; vintage furniture comes in many different varieties so you can explore our catalogue to see which appeals to you. Scandinavian styles work particularly well, look out for Danish modern or similar on our marketplace.

Try to avoid furniture or accessories that are overly fussy or intricate as this will detract from the design of the wallpaper. Instead, choose colours that are soft and muted, heavily patterned or bold. Anything with a connection to nature will also flatter the wallpaper; think soft green tones, leaf prints and pale, stripped wood.

Bring Aurora Borealis into your home

Aurora Borealis wallpaper is a statement piece of decor and you can be sure that you won’t find it in many homes. You can order yours here at Vinterior; you might also like to browse through our online catalogue too to find complementary pieces of furniture to transform your home.

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