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Finding the perfect statement piece for your home can be a difficult challenge. Go too bold and you can overpower the rest of your décor with something gaudy; go too conservative and you may well end up with a room that has no focus and no appeal at all. If you are considering the best way to give your home décor that little bit of extra life (and light) nothing stands out like a vintage Art Nouveau chandelier. These stunning lights are the pinnacle of opulence and can turn any room in the home from drab to devilishly enticing in no time at all. An art nouveau chandelier is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of elegance to your home, and you can guarantee that jaws will drop when your friends and family walk in and see a collection of glamorous glass hanging from your ceiling. Chandeliers come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, and we are delighted to have an array of antique, vintage and even contemporary art nouveau chandeliers featured here at Vinterior. Browse our online marketplace now and find inspiration for your new light fixture.

Shopping for an Art Nouveau chandelier

Often found hanging from the ceilings of the large mansions and homes of France, England and America in the late 1800s, Art Nouveau chandeliers were once a staple of rich and wealthy families across the land. However, when the style itself fell out of fashion in 1910, the chandeliers came down in many residences around the world.

Art Nouveau Style

Today, Art Nouveau is once again valued as a style that can add glamour and sophistication to the home. At Vinterior you can find chandeliers designed by many of the most respected designers of the era, such as Hector Guimard. These chandeliers consist of beautiful sweeping curves and hanging glass. Chandeliers are often crafted using materials such as gold, bronze and nickel. In many cases pops of colour are added in pinks, blues and ambers through the use of coloured glass.

Why shop with Vinterior

Art Nouveau is just one of the many styles you will find here at Vinterior. Our online marketplace features a whole host of designs from different eras, showcasing many stunning pieces you simply won’t find anywhere else.

While it is possible to bring light to your home or any other building with a modern, functional light, nothing will add character in the same way as a piece with genuine heritage or real character.

By buying vintage you are reusing, repurposing or recycling a piece of history and giving it a new lease of life. And how better to do it than with an Art Nouveau chandelier.

Buying a piece inspired by Art Nouveau

One of the great things about the most popular styles of the past is that many designers continue to be inspired by them today. The designs of Hector Guimard have had such an impact that it is hardly surprising that today’s lighting designers are paying homage to him today by utilising similar shapes, materials and techniques to those used in the past. At Vinterior we love to see pieces that showcase the same quality and craftsmanship, no matter when they were made. And so you will find many new pieces listed on our online marketplace that have their own sense of character and sense of individuality.

There are few things in life more exciting than hunting down that new furnishing or fixture that completes your home. Explore our collection of chandeliers today and you could be ordering your dream new addition sooner than you think

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