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The simple vase is a necessity in every home and a perfect addition to any room. Nothing brings joy to a living space like a vase full of fresh flowers. An ornament designed to carry an emotive gift like a bouquet is a precious item to own. Flowers carry with them so much meaning of love, care and thoughtfulness. Of course, to be handed a bouquet of your favourite flowers and place them in a beautiful vase is a truly lovely thing. An Art Deco vase is carefully crafted to be both attractive yet not overbearing – the attention is directed towards your floral arrangement, with the vase being an attractive companion. But if you don't have flowers right now, don't worry. Your Art Deco vase will still be a stylish standalone addition to the room, adding a touch of the 20s glamour we have all come to love and enjoy. Browse our collection of 1920s, 1930s, 1940s vases right here.

Why choose an Art Deco vase?

The essence of Art Deco is to infuse practical objects with artistic flair, and you can see that in Art Deco vases. They are built to be functional and sturdy, whilst also being stunningly beautiful and a joy to have in the home. The typical Art Deco vase uses geometric designs and fascinating colour palettes.

Designer Art Deco ornamental vases

If you're looking for a bold, dark vase that has a powerful effect on a room, might we suggest something like a Just Andersen vase – an incredibly striking product that is sure to get the conversation flowing when you welcome guests to your home. If you would prefer something a little smaller and svelte, designers like Gilbert Metenier produced some beautiful slender pieces in the 20th century. And for something more colourful, which stands out in the monochromatic Art Deco period, take a look at Charles Catteau's work, featuring very bold tones that will bring a lot more colour to a room than your typical Art Deco piece.

Genuine antique Art Deco vases for sale

An Art Deco vase is an interesting ornament to have in your living space, with so much history and heritage behind it. These designs can be used to brighten up an unassuming hallway, add some joy to an office or a study, or be a lovely accessory to a living space. When shopping in such an iconic and versatile era for design, it’s easy to find a style which really feels right for you and your home.

Why shop at Vinterior for Art Deco vases?

All of our Art Deco products are the genuine article and you won't find any imitations here. The words vintage and antique are often thrown on products that are designed to look like they come from a time gone by, but aren't actually very old at all. As you browse through our collection, you'll see that each vase has a history, an artist and an age, so you know that your Art Deco purchase is authentic and from the era. We pride ourselves on protecting these more mature furnishings, and preparing them to live a new life in a new home, many years after they were originally crafted.

Our collection may have many thousands of items within it, but we can assure you that we select our additions carefully. We deal only in premium furniture with character, backstory and charm. Our collection includes both vintage and contemporary high quality furniture items, so there is something for everyone.

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