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Choosing a beautiful rug for your interior space can really bring the look of a room together. A rug must be the right size and shape, and be durable yet attractive. It needs to complement the colour and design scheme of the room, while still being subtle and functional. A carefully chosen rug creates style from the ground up, providing a visual stimulus and helping to add shape and direction to your room. Art Deco rugs are an eternally on-trend style choice, and complement a range of interior design looks from classic to contemporary. Take a look at the collection of Art Deco rugs at Vinterior today, and find the perfect one to complete your living space.

Add character to your floor with Art Deco rugs

Art Deco design often incorporates industrial materials, highly polished woods, a neutral colour palette with bright highlights and the juxtaposition of contemporary with retro. Balance luxurious textiles such as velour with clean, sharp lines and lacquered surfaces to create a space that is at once glamourous and comfortable.

Even the most beautiful wooden or laminate flooring needs a little lift sometimes. A bold coloured rug can enhance the dynamic of a room and help to brighten a dark space, as well as provide visual cues for creating flow through a corridor or hallway. Place on top of a hard floor, or layer a brightly coloured or geometrically patterned rug on top of a neutral carpet to balance out your room’s colour scheme.

One of the best aspects of the rug is its versatility: it can be moved around a room, or from one space to another, with ease. A richly detailed Art Deco rug can be a focal point in an otherwise minimalist room, or a clean and simple style rug can bring elegance and calm to a space that has lots of ornamentation. Art Deco rugs typically showcase bold shapes and geometric patterns, such as triangles, zig-zags, trapezoid and chevron-centric imagery. Monochrome and neutral shades are the predominant colour schemes to look for.

Another overriding theme of Art Deco design is of classic Hollywood-inspired glamour. A well-chosen rug can bring a bit of this bold and ostentatious style to your home, complementing other elements such as polished aluminium and chrome surfaces, stained glass and heavily polished walnut and oak furniture.

Art Deco rugs: the benefits of buying vintage

Vintage Art Deco rugs are well-made and designed to last. In a world where textiles are increasingly made to be disposable, choosing a vintage or retro piece for your home means choosing quality and durability. Not only is it a practical decision to choose furnishings that will last a long time, but it is also an environmentally responsible choice.

Vintage Art Deco rugs are also a trend-proof way to decorate your home. Complementing both classic and modern interior designs, Art Deco has a rich heritage and a solid place on the decorative arts scene. With more than a thousand trusted sellers featured on our website, we are proud to be the number one online marketplace for antique, vintage, retro and contemporary furniture. If you are in the market for an Art Deco rug there’s nowhere better to explore the options available to you.

Never go out of fashion or worry about regularly updating your interior space by choosing an authentic Art Deco piece. Browse Vinterior today to find your dream Art Deco rug.