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Mantle clocks are a staple for those who love a touch of antiquity and character in their homes. In a predominantly digital age, it can be easy to reject the analogue clock as an unnecessary feature. Yet we believe that there is nothing quite like the look of a ticking clock with its moving hands and captivating face. And what better way to adorn your home with a vintage item than to choose one that has a function? Add a touch of vintage luxury to your home with an authentic piece from the Art Deco period. Find original Art Deco mantle clocks at Vinterior to add character and charm to your home, whether you’re adorning a traditional or contemporary space.

Art Deco Mantle Clocks: what to look for

The Art Deco look exploded onto the scene in 1920s France. And it wasn’t long until the trend crossed the Atlantic, becoming synonymous with Hollywood glamour. One of the defining features to look out for when buying an Art Deco mantle clock is the kind of materials used. Rich lacquered woods such as maple, wood and oak embody the feeling of industrialisation paired with glamour and antiquity. Decadent materials such as marble, crystal, stained glass, chrome and aluminium can also be found embellishing many Art Deco mantle clocks from the 20s and 30s.

As the mantle clock is such an historic piece, Art Deco sought to transform it into a different kind of statement piece from the ornate, intricate detailing of previous eras. If the strong geometric shapes and bold patterns of Art Deco appeal to you, then a mantle clock could be just the piece to elevate your living room to a new level of style. Other features you may want to look out for include blown glass, chrome detailing, affixed figurines and a focus on a neutral colour palette offset by bright detail, such as gold lacquer.

Luxury and refinement are the main defining features of an Art Deco mantle clock. This is a decorative object that can be placed on the traditional mantlepiece, on a bedside table or as a display piece in a cabinet.

Art Deco mantle clocks: why shop vintage?

Shopping for vintage furniture and ornaments ensures that you will find a piece of history. Designed to last and built from high quality materials, each and every Art Deco piece echoes a time of great optimism and attention to detail.

It is also worth bearing in mind that buying a pre-loved piece is a more sustainable way to furnish your home. Finding antique, vintage, retro and upcycled furniture prevents perfectly good items of furniture from going into landfill.

Why fill your home with modern objects that are built to be disposable when you can find unique gems that will be passed down for generations? Art Deco mantle clocks are a guilt-free way to add personality and inject your unique style into your home, and without any of the guilt of buying modern mass-produced furniture.

Part of the pleasure of finding vintage and retro items is never knowing exactly what you’re going to find. Discover a treasure trove of beautiful one-off and artisan pieces at Vinterior. It’s the best place to find premium Art Deco mantle clocks, bedroom furniture, cabinets, lamps and everything else you need to create a stylish contemporary home with plenty of character.