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Bold colours and strong lines are what make Art Deco design a joy to have in the home, especially considering that Art Deco products are designed to be as practical as they are beautiful. When you bring an Art Deco light into your living space, you are illuminating your home with the glamour and opulence of one of the most important artistic movements of the 20th Century. Art Deco lights are designed to improve your living space, as well as standing out as a statement piece themselves. An Art Deco light will bring your entire room up into decadent new heights, and won't keep all of the attention to itself. So what are you waiting for? Explore our collection today.

Why choose Art Deco lights?

The Art Deco era encapsulated luxury and functionality in design, allowing each one of its creations to exude the carefree opulence of the roaring 20s. Art Deco was a movement that relied on bold, usually monochrome colours and experimentation with geometry, lines and shapes. As a result, there are so many different looks and feels that left the Art Deco movement, but remaining recognisably Art Deco no matter what. An Art Deco light can mean many things, from chandeliers and ceiling lights to wall lights and lamps.

Art Deco chandeliers are incredibly popular, and perform well in spaces where a statement piece is necessary to really finish off the room. The chandelier has been around for many, many years, but the Art Deco era managed to transform it into something entirely new, playing with shapes and sizes to bring a new life to the classic chandelier. We particularly love to see an Art Deco chandelier in a dining room, as it offers that wow factor that won't go unnoticed by guests at dinner parties. Like Art Deco itself, chandeliers do carry a timeless quality and look stunning no matter where you put them.

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Similarly, Art Deco wall lights and ceiling lights do so much more than simply illuminate a space. Instead they act as a piece of art, hanging from your wall. They look particularly striking on plain painted walls, and can add character to a previously unassuming hallway. Art Deco ceiling lights range from the small and understated to the large and luxurious.

There is nothing worse than buying a beautiful light or lamp and finding it to be weak and not fit for purpose. But with an Art Deco light from Vinterior you can be confident that fashion does not give way to functionality. Art Deco lights include plenty of glass, mirrors and polished metal frames, keeping light reflecting around the entire room.

Why shop at Vinterior for art deco lighting?

You really can't go wrong with an Art Deco lights: they are beautiful, practical and when you buy from Vinterior, you're guaranteed that they are genuine vintage, made from only the finest materials and set to last for many years to come. We are the leading online marketplace for unique and unusual furniture, ranging from vintage and retro antique to contemporary items with all the character and charm of times gone by. Every piece in our collection is completely individual, with its own story to tell.

We offer only premium furniture, so there’s no reason not to explore the Vinterior collection today.

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