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Take a trip to the decadent days of the 1920s and discover the beauty of art deco lamps. Whether you are looking for a small table lamp for a study or a hallway, or a large floor lamp to brighten up a larger living space, we are sure to have an Art Deco lamp that meets your needs here at Vinterior. Art Deco was a style that successfully attempted to fuse practicality with art and beauty. So, we can assure you that your lamp won't serve as an ornament, but as a functional lamp that brings plenty of light to a room. The durable materials and exquisite craftsmanship that are synonymous with the Art Deco era ensures that your lamp will be sturdy and last a long time to come. Explore our vast collection of 20s, 30s, 40s art deco lamps for sale today.

Why choose an Art Deco lamp?

Art Deco was the staple style of the early 20th century. With its revolutionary use of geometrics and colour in its designs, the movement influenced everything from art and architecture to furniture and lighting. Luxurious, striking, and vibrant are words that could all be used to describe the Art Deco style, and the lamps of the era are no different. Using this aesthetic to your advantage can give a whole new feel to your living space. As well as being decadent and opulent, Art Deco pieces are also versatile. An Art Deco lamp will complement a variety of spaces and styles, no matter how they are decorated or designed.

Search for art deco table lamps

Art Deco table lamps will look stunning perched on any table, dresser or on top of a chest of drawers, and Art Deco floor lamps bring a large and spectacular statement to any living room or study. Even today, Art Deco lamps are continuing to grow in popularity. You’ll find many imitations on the high street, but the difference between these and the real thing is the extra sense of identity that authenticity brings. The Art Deco era prided itself on the incredible craftsmanship and design, and so choosing a pre-loved piece from the early 20th century won’t leave you let down in any way.

Why shop at Vinterior for art deco style lamps?

At Vinterior, we don't just have soft, sumptuous glamour available in our Art Deco lamp range. We also have more industrial and raw styles – such as our vintage movie spotlights. They make excellent floor lamps with powerful bulbs, whilst also adding an incredible piece of art and history into your home. What could be more impressive than a spotlight sourced from a genuine movie set and repurposed as a feature in your own home? That’s quite a talking point at a dinner party.

Ornate art deco table lamps

If you are looking for something more ornate, we have some stunning, flamboyant pieces in this collection too. We have many floral inspired styles that will have a striking effect on any home. We recommend you place one of our grand Art Deco floor lamps in a vast hallway or in an unloved corner of a living room, giving it new life and a breath of Art Deco magic. Our table lamps are well suited to study and to quiet reading corners, and will add a touch of class to any room in your home.

You're likely to find that once you add an Art Deco piece into your home, you will quickly become hooked on the style. Thankfully, with many thousands of furniture items to choose from, we have an extensive range of other Art Deco furnishings that will pair up beautifully with you Art Deco lamp.

We offer endless premium vintage furniture solutions here at Vinterior, but we also list many contemporary pieces with an abundance of character, charm and back story. This is what you get with any item from Vinterior, so don’t hesitate to shop our collection today.

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