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Whether you enjoy a quiet little tipple on a weekend or like to hold parties for all your friends, there’s something rather wonderful about a drinks cabinet. Forget about squashing your spirits and wines into the back of cupboards, they deserve to be celebrated in style with their own dedicated space. Available in small and large sizes, a drinks cabinet can look unobtrusively like any other piece of furniture until you open up the doors and reveal the inside. Subtle and understated, you won’t have to walk too far to collect your drink when you’ve got one of these stunning pieces in your lounge. Alternatively, you may want to make your drinks cabinet into a key feature of your living room or dining space; catching the eye and adding theatre to any event or dinner party. Art Deco works particularly well as a drinks cabinet, bringing sophistication, style and old-school glamour. Whether you opt for a low-key design in natural wood or a bolder finish in statement colours, you’ll find a great choice here at Vinterior. Browse through our online catalogue to discover what Art Deco drinks cabinets we’ve got.

Art Deco drinks cabinets: live like a Hollywood icon

While you might not be able to live the actual life of a Hollywood celebrity, you can embrace the glamour of a bygone era, if only for a short while.

Art Deco was part of a highly sophisticated time, where entertaining was often done with a drink in hand. Forget about a comforting pint of beer though; Art Deco was all about elegance and class. Nothing short of a cocktail, flute of champagne or whiskey would do!

With an Art Deco drinks cabinet in your home, you can recreate this decadent time and create a sense of experience for yourself and your guests. Throw open the doors and rustle up a cocktail and you’ll feel just like a film star.

Get the Art Deco drinks cabinet look

Art Deco furniture is a curious but eye-catching mix of design features: light and fluid yet simultaneously bold and eye-catching. This provides ample choice for home decor, giving you a range of options to choose from.

If your home is decorated in natural or neutral tones, there are plenty of Art Deco wooden items to complement this classic theme. Rather than offering bold colours, these drinks cabinets instead are created from pale, veneered wood which are subtle and airy. Completing the look are strong geometric shapes juxtaposed against curved lines – the trademark Art Deco style.

For homes that feature a vintage theme more strongly, or who lean towards a bolder style, the contrasting colours of Art Deco will suit your tastes perfectly. With a distinctly retro vibe, you’ll find zigzag prints, striking tones and shiny, polished surfaces.

An era of extremes, Art Deco is all about being the very best in the way that suits your style.

Art Deco drinks cabinets: a more sustainable way to furnish your home

Opting for vintage furniture provides more than just a wider choice of home decor; you’ll also be making a choice that is kinder to the environment. By opting to go vintage you’re reducing the demand on the planet’s resources and helping to reduce your reliance on modern manufacturing.

Every piece of vintage and antique furniture has its own history, and is just waiting for the chance to find a new home. With our Art Deco drinks cabinets you can have your own little piece of the Hollywood heyday right there in your living room every day.

To discover more about the Art Deco style and the drinks cabinets we have, explore our online marketplace today.