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The dining chair is all too often an afterthought to the dining table – always the bridesmaid and never the bride. But at Vinterior we understand that your dining chairs are more than just accessories to your dining table. No matter how hard you work to impress, a dinner party or gathering can be soured for your guests by sitting on a chair that is flimsy and uncomfortable. Similarly, if you have invested in a stunning dining table, all of that hard earned money could go to waste if the accompanying chairs let it down. Here at Vinterior, we understand the significance of every piece of furniture in your home and the importance of getting it right. Browse through our range of Art Deco dining chairs to find the perfect set for your dining room.

Why choose an Art Deco dining chair?

A dinner party with friends should be opulent, decadent and filled with the thrill that Art Deco can bring to a home. Art Deco furnishings don't just look good, they feel great. They create a vibe in a home that takes you back to the wonder of the 20s and 30s and the Hollywood glamour we come to expect with an Art Deco piece.

Because a fantastic dinner party or evening with the family is only as good as the chairs you are sat on. Comfort, great design and good craftsmanship are all features you will come to expect from an Art Deco dining chair. The Art Deco movement was characterised by its ability to provide luxury without sacrificing quality. Geometric lines and unusual use of shapes are quintessential of this era, as are bold colours that both stand out and blend seamlessly into a variety of interior settings.

The design of an Art Deco chair is incredible – the stiff, hard arms and legs we are used to seeing on a chair are transformed into smooth, romantic curves. The hard backs have typically been accented with sharp lines and exquisite materials, adding a sense of beauty to a very ordinary, everyday piece of furniture. Everyone will want to know where you found such exquisite chairs and you'll be pleased to tell them that they are unique and genuine vintage items. They have the ability to add character to any dining room, and won't go unnoticed.

Seductive style of 20s and 30s is perfect for anyone aspiring to achieve an Art Deco look throughout the home or to someone just looking to add the wow factor to their dining room. Art Deco furniture has the ability to uplift all the furniture in the room to new, opulent heights. Its glamour is entirely contagious, and you may even find it affects how you feel as your move through your home.

Why shop at Vinterior for art deco style dining chairs?

We love our Art Deco collections due to their long lasting quality and fine materials. They bring joy and opulence to any household and any room, and will add magic to your dining room. Once you purchase your first Art Deco piece, you'll want more. So, we have a wide range of Art Deco furnishings available for when you find yourself hooked on the timeless style.

As well as this, we also deal in more contemporary pieces of furniture, too. The only thing our many thousands of items have in common is that they possess character and a clear sense of identity. At Vinterior, you’re guaranteed quality, charm and a rich history to be discovered no matter how recent it is.

Enjoy exploring our stunning collection of Art Deco pieces today.

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