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Few items of furniture are as captivating and original as Art Deco desks. This decorative art trend tells a story of French chic, Hollywood glamour, industrialisation and the movement away from the sumptuous ornamentation of previous periods. The perfect addition to a home office space, or as a statement item for a guest room or hallway, find gorgeous and authentic Art Deco desks today at Vinterior.

Unique & stylish Art Deco desks

The classic look of a desk from the Art Deco period has clean lines, bold shapes and a focus on minimalist and symmetrical design. Unlike the fluid, nature-inspired shapes of the previous centuries’ furniture styles, Art Deco marks a shift towards a more structured, industrialised form. Lines are geometric and shapes are bold, symmetrical and crisp.

As well as their clean lines, Art Deco desks are reminiscent of classic Hollywood glamour as furniture design found new ways to embody wealth and decadence. Whereas previous decorative arts had focused on detail and intricacy in classic grand materials such as gilt bronze and gold leaf paint, Art Deco idolised the futuristic look of cleanliness and gleaming surface. Heavily lacquered wooden and dark marble desk tops, leather plates and insets, chrome details, and frosted and coloured glass, conjure up the feeling of a luxury ocean liner or a sophisticated European apartment.

Discover a range of Art Deco desks that are as usable today as when they were created here at Vinterior. If you want a standard desk, one of the classic Art Deco looks is the typical glossed wooden desk with a pristine lacquered top, with a cupboard and/or drawer either side. Or, if you’re seeking a more compact desk, discover original 1930s Art Deco desks with drawers down one side and chrome details.

With an Art Deco desk it is possible to create a sense of mystique and character in your home as you choose an item that is designed to last and function fully in modern life. These timeless desks offer a glimpse into the past whilst retaining their relevance to contemporary design trends, and are perfect as writing or computer desks.

Be unique - choose vintage

Buying artisan, vintage and antique furniture is a different way to experience interior design. Discover hidden gems and find unique pieces to express your creative side at Vinterior. Vintage furniture is generally very well made, with many items being in pristine working order and ready to use as soon as you set them up in your home.

As well as physical durability, vintage items are a trend-proof choice of furniture. Fill your home with heritage and character, and never worry about your furniture losing value or going out of fashion. Art Deco desks are a fabulously chic option for those who want a taste of the best of 20th century vintage looks, while still retaining a contemporary freshness for the modern interior.

Buying original Art Deco items also means making your home a more sustainable place. Re-homing items that have been round for generations reduces your reliance on new furniture which uses up natural resources.

Find wonderful Art Deco desks and other vintage items and bring your interior space to life with Vinterior. Our rich and ever-growing collection of artisan and one-off furniture makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, and start creating your dream home right away.