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Our beautiful range of Art Deco chairs is sure to catch your eye. Whether you're looking for dining chairs, office chairs, armchairs or sofas, we will be able to satisfy your Art Deco desires. All our pieces are genuine vintage products, not imitations, and are only made from the finest materials. You can rest easy knowing that your Art Deco chair is the real deal, and will be enjoyed in your home for many years to come. It would be easy to think that an Art Deco chair belongs only in a grand, white Art Deco house. But in many cases homeowners find that Art Deco chairs can be used sparingly in all kinds of interiors – as statement pieces or simply to punctuate a more neutral space. Explore our collection of antique art deco chairs for sale today.

Why choose Art Deco chairs?

Art Deco is a decadent style that impacted everything from architecture to interiors in the 20s and 30s. With a strong colour palette of mainly bold monochrome shades, Art Deco furnishings have the ability to mix with almost any style that has existed since. One of the best features of Art Deco furniture is its versatility, so you know you can bring any Art Deco chair into your home and not worry about it clashing with the look of a room. It adds a simple statement of glamour and luxury, without being overwhelming or overpowering. Art Deco exists to complement your home, not overtake it.

Art Deco is synonymous with luxury – and it brings luxury to the table in many ways. You'll find that Art Deco chairs are as comfortable as they are attractive, with plush, soft materials and deep cushions, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the comfort a vintage chair can bring into your home. There is a misconception about Art Deco seating that they are made to be looked at, not used. But on the contrary, they are very much made to be used, and used extensively. You'll be very pleased to know that your Art Deco chair is sturdy enough to last you a thoroughly long time, due to the incredible craftsmanship and excellent choice of materials which are synonymous with the era.

Why shop at Vinterior for art deco chairs?

Our Art Deco chairs aren't simply beautiful; they are entirely practical, too. Art Deco brought style and glamour to furniture without sacrificing quality and craftsmanship. You won't find MDF or chipboard here – the Art Deco period showcased mahogany and other solid woods, as well as metals, so you'll have our Art Deco chairs in your home for a long time to come.

With vintage furniture making a comeback, there are plenty of imitations out there – furniture that looks vintage, but was actually mass-produced to tight margins in a modern factory. You don't have to worry about being fooled with Vinterior: our Art Deco chairs are genuine vintage products, carrying the exquisite craftsmanship we have come to expect from yesteryear's furnishings.

But vintage isn’t all we do at Vinterior. We also specialise in more contemporary pieces with all the charm, character and quality of antiques. Each one of our many thousands of furniture items is premium and completely unique, with a backstory just waiting to be discovered.

Whether you are looking for a firm dining chair or a cosy armchair to curl up in, our extensive range has something for everyone. We love the way an Art Deco chair can truly fit into any home, either as a statement piece or just as a little bit of luxury, placed in a quiet corner of the room. Find your perfect Art Deco seating solution right here at Vinterior.

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