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Art Deco is one of the most captivating design movements of the 20th Century. From its birth in 1920s France, Art Deco elements and motifs continue to hold their place in both classic and contemporary interior looks to this day. Featuring bold, geometric lines and opulent patterns and sheens, Art Deco marks a considerable shift away from the Art Nouveau movement that preceded it. If you are looking to inject a little vintage charm into your bedroom or guest room while still keeping it fresh and contemporary, an Art Deco bedstead is a versatile and eternally on-trend choice. Whether you’re looking for a polished wood bed frame, or an oversized headboard upholstered with geometric-patterned fabric, you’ll find the perfect Art Deco bedstead to complete your room at Vinterior. Browse the large collection of Art Deco beds and other items and find the perfect piece for your home today.

The Warm Glamour of Art Deco

The classic art deco look encompasses a wide range of shapes, styles and materials. During the industrial boom between World War I and II, new and more efficient techniques for designing and creating the decorative arts became available. Geometric shapes, shiny lacquered surfaces and a focus on glamourous Hollywood-inspired interiors were all the rage.

One of the aspects of Art Deco that makes it so appealing is that it retains a balance between boldness and subtlety. While tastes had moved away from the natural imagery and rounded shapes of Art Nouveau, nature hasn’t entirely lost its place in Art Deco design.

Discover beautifully polished walnut and oak tables, drawers and bedsteads, with the Aztec-influenced zig-zags, triangles and trapezoid angles. Art Deco furniture is often adorned with luxurious materials such as stained glass, polished silver, ivory, marble and crystal-encrusted detail. The craftsmanship of many Art Deco pieces is of a standard seldom seen in furniture-making today, with each piece created as an investment that an owner can keep for life.

Incorporating an Art Deco bedstead into your interior design

Create a beautiful Art Deco-inspired room by incorporating strong, dramatic shapes such as triangles and chevrons. A bedstead is one of the main focal points of the bedroom, so choosing an Art Deco piece that is bold and angular will undoubtedly catch the eye. Art Deco is a delicate balance between comfort and boldness, creating a room that is stylish but also inviting and warm – as any bedroom should be.

Incorporate classic Art Deco materials and textures such as chrome and coloured glass into your ornamentation, and choose coordinating pairs of bedside tables and other pieces that can be positioned symmetrically. The sense an Art Deco-themed room should give you is one of tranquility and order, but without being too regimented.

Art Deco is all about the little details. Choose a reserved, neutral colour palette that is calming on the eyes if you don’t want your bedroom to becom overpowering. Instead, why not consider selecting items in black, brown, white, cream and grey and accent with bold colours like green, red and gold.

An Art Deco bedstead should be crafted from industrial materials or lacquered wood, but don’t be afraid to experiment. At Vinterior, you can find original Art Deco beds, as well as upcycled and reproduction pieces that have been given more modern treatments, such as shabby-chic sanding and painting, without losing their vintage charm.

Buy an Art Deco bedstead with Vinterior

Buying vintage and retro pieces for your home is a trend-proof and time-proof choice. Art Deco furniture is regarded as one of the most desirable artistic movements of the 20th Century, and the delicate balance between elegance and earthiness means it complements many other furniture styles. As the UK’s leading online marketplace for vintage furniture, you’re sure to find the perfect piece to inspire your bedroom redesign at Vinterior today.