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Every home needs seating. Indeed, much of our time at home will be spent lounging on our sofas, reading in our armchairs or sat around a table on dining chairs. Discover comfort and style in one with Arne Wahl Iversen sofas and seating, and add a touch of traditional Scandinavian design to your interior space. Iversen’s characteristic Danish modern designs embody the classic minimalist style often considered synonymous with Scandinavian furniture. With a focus on function alongside fashion, the result is a beautiful array of mid-century craftsmanship that brings a balance of calmness, warmth and simplicity to all kinds of interior space. Browse the collection of original Arne Wahl Iversen sofas and seating at Vinterior.

Why choose Arne Wahl Iversen sofas and seating?

Renowned for its crisp, clean lines and sparing use of industrial materials alongside treated wood, Arne Wahl Iversen’s work is typical of 1960s Danish furniture design. Discover the supreme comfort and unmatchable elegance of Iversen sofas and lounge chairs, designed to fit the human body perfectly.

As with many Danish furniture designers during the mid-century period, while style and elegance were considered highly important when creating pieces for the contemporary home, above all else there was a drive to create products that were durable and functional. Decorative furniture and elaborate ornamentation was a thing of the past: the trend now was for freshness, lightness and minimalism.

This ‘less is more’ approach can be seen in Iversen’s distinctive lounge chair design: elegant, polished wood frames hold oversized upholstered seat and seat backs. The result is a compact yet comfortable armchair that has a place in all kinds of interior space. Add to your living area, hallway or place in a bedroom to provide that unique touch of vintage style.

Iversen’s sofas are typically crafted from Danish teak, or other durable hardwoods, and have a similar design to his lounge chairs. Sleek yet welcoming, this sofa makes a fabulous addition to a living room, bedroom or guest room. Place along a corridor or lobby to add a 1960s twist to a traditional home, or combine with other Arne Wahl Iversen furniture to bring mid-century Scandi design into the 21st Century.

The benefits of buying vintage & retro furniture

The eternal appeal of retro and vintage furniture can be attributed to a number of different factors. First of all, buying vintage items for your home, such as Arne Wahl Iversen sofas and seating, allows you to be creative and original with your interior space. Vintage furniture brings character and a story to your day-to-day life and offers a glimpse into the rich and illustrious history of art and design.

Secondly, vintage furniture has been, on the whole, made with a lot more care and attention to detail than a lot of mass-produced modern furniture. Not to say that you can’t find beautifully-made contemporary, upcycled and reproduction furniture, but vintage furniture that has already proven its durability is a testament to quality. Built to last and to be kept as an heirloom, Iversen furniture was not designed to be disposable, so you can be sure it will provide you with years of enjoyment and use in your home.

Shop Arne Wahl Iversen sofas and seating with Vinterior

Finally, part of the pleasure of buying vintage furniture is the shopping process itself. Discover hidden treasures, one-off pieces and historical monuments from the pages of history. Add something special to your interior space by exploring the beautiful vintage and retro furniture we have here at Vinterior.