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Part of the Danish modern movement, Arne Wahl Iversen furniture is the epitome of sleek 20th Century design. Using materials typical of the era, including teak and stainless steel, each Iversen piece embodies the minimalism and freshness of Danish design. If you’re looking for quality vintage and retro furniture that is both rich in quality and heavy on style, Arne Wahl Iversen is a wonderful source for all the bits and pieces your interior space needs. Discover a treasure trove of Iversen’s creations here at Vinterior – whether you are looking for planters, desks, writing bureaus, chairs, sofas or armchairs, you’ll find a wide selection of authentic Danish modern pieces to fill your home with charm and elegance.

Arne Wahl Iversen & Danish modern furniture

In post-World War II Europe, materials that had previously been used to build furniture were harder to come by, so minimalist designs and cheaper materials had to come together for a new era of furniture design. The Danish modern style is a distinctive movement that flourished from the 1940s through to the 1960s, focusing on function as much as fashion.

Iversen, like his Danish contemporaries, put the needs of the consumer and a deep understanding of how the human body works, at the forefront of his furniture design. Add a touch of sophisticated Danish minimalism to your living space with a pair of classic Iversen lounge chairs, crafted from quality treated teak and upholstered in high quality leather. Designed to be as comfortable as they are compact, these pieces are the perfect way to inject a little vintage charm while still working well with contemporary minimalist interiors.

Add an Arne Wahl Iversen writing bureau to your home study, crafted from the best Danish teak and designed to give you plenty of room for your papers, without being bulky or heavy. Elegance and function in one, you’ll find Iversen writing bureaus in perfect working condition at Vinterior. Or opt for an authentic planter, crafted from industrial materials with a warm twist: again, function and aesthetics in perfect harmony with one another.

Scandinavian chic is a style of furniture that never goes out of fashion: choose authentic Iversen pieces for your home to inject quality and character, while at the same time creating a space that is as unique as you are. Arne Wahl Iversen produced desks, sofas, armchairs and everything else you need for your dining and living spaces.

The charm of vintage mid-century furniture

The allure of vintage furniture – in particular pieces from the mid-20th Century – dominates the look of many interiors today. While modern furniture has its appeal, vintage pieces tell a story, and bring a touch of character and their own unique charm to the home. Discovering authentic Arne Wahl furniture and other original mid-century Scandinavian pieces is much more exciting than simply buying the latest fad. Get inspired, and breathe your own style and personality into your home by shopping for vintage pieces.

Vintage furniture tends to be better made than many modern pieces. Built to last, you’ll almost always find Arne Wahl Iversen’s pieces in perfect working condition. As well as their superior quality, vintage pieces are also an environmentally friendly option, as with each purchase you reduce the amount of furniture that ends up in a landfill.

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