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Whether you work from home, need a quality workspace for your computer, or you are looking for a stylish way to store important documents and valuables, desks and writing bureaus are pieces which are essential to many homes today – and they don’t have to be dull. Discover the crisp lines and warm materials of original Arne Wahl Iversen desks and writing bureaus, crafted during the mid-century boom in Danish furniture design. The focus on minimalism balanced with aesthetics led to the creation of some of the period’s most exquisite furniture. Compact, fresh and accessible, every piece in the Arne Wahl Iversen range is as relevant today as when it was first designed. Find elegant Iversen desks and chic Iversen writing bureaus easily at Vinterior, the number one place to find genuine and reproduction vintage furniture for your home.

Why choose Arne Wahl Iversen desks and writing bureaus?

As a result of post-war furniture material shortages, Danish designers had to reassess the types of textures and materials they chose, without compromising on quality. Much of Arne Wahl Iversen’s furniture is crafted from high quality treated teak, often offset with industrial materials such as stainless steel. Each design focuses on elegance, minimalism and, above all, the needs of the user.

The aesthetic appeal of each Iversen design is perfectly balanced with a real understanding of function, and how the human body interacts with a piece of furniture. The result is an utterly usable and timeless piece that works with both classic and contemporary interiors. Arne Wahl Iversen desks, for example, are elegant and compact, yet with plenty of room for keeping papers or computer equipment. Typically designed with elongated legs and simple lines, balanced with the warmth of varnished teak, these desks are the epitome of classic Scandinavian elegance, and make a fabulous addition to a living space, hallway, bedroom or home office.

Arne Wahl Iversen writing bureaus are another wonderful re-invention of the classic furniture item. An original 1960s writing bureau bears all the classic marks of Danish design, bringing a traditional piece into the modern age. Practical and functional, a writing bureau is a fabulous storage solution that is also a statement piece for the modern home.

Need a new desk or bureau? Find a unique original Iversen piece at Vinterior, and breathe Scandinavian freshness and charm into any interior space.

Arne Wahl Iversen desks & writing bureaus: shop with Vinterior

Finding vintage items for your home transforms the experience of shopping into one of discovery and excitement. Unearth one-off treasures and find out about the history behind your favourite items, while instantly injecting character into any space – whether it’s a classic four-bedroom townhouse, a country cottage or a contemporary apartment.

Unlike many of the modern furniture pieces produced today, vintage designs are generally focused on quality as well as aesthetic appeal. Today we live in a disposable culture, where products are built to be thrown away and fast fashion dictates our buying habits. Stay trend-proof and invest in an item that is built to last by buying antique, vintage, retro and upcycled pieces for your home. Not only does this save you effort and money in the long run, but it is also an environmentally responsible choice.

Discover original Arne Wahl Iversen desks and writing bureaus, and browse for other authentic mid-century vintage furniture at Vinterior, and start creating your dream home today.