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When it comes to statement furniture, few other pieces can compare to the beauty and practicality of a high quality sideboard. Sideboards are a centrepiece to many hallways, dining rooms and sitting rooms, providing plentiful storage for that clutter free home you've always dreamed of, as well as eye-catching design. But finding a gorgeous, expertly crafted sideboard from a name you can trust isn't always an easy task. Thankfully, Vinterior's collection of original Arne Vodder sideboards provides you with a vast range of beautifully crafted pieces from one of the most reputable furniture designers of the twentieth century. Arne Vodder gives you sleek, elegant design and storage, while Vinterior allows you to shop on a single website, from the comfort of your living room. Discover the Vinterior range of Arne Vodder sideboards today to see these inspiring pieces for yourself.

Why choose an Arne Vodder sideboard?

Arne Vodder started on the path to becoming one of Denmark's most famous furniture designers in the early 1950s, when he began designing houses in his architectural workshop. Designing and building homes in this way gave him a unique insight into how best to furnish them, and under the tutelage of another famous Danish designer, Finn Juhl, he started crafting some of the furniture that would make him one of the leading figures of twentieth century interior design.

His furniture is modest, and elegant, featuring soft lines and curves inspired by the natural world. This gracefulness can be seen throughout the Vinterior collection of Arne Vodder sideboards. Vodder was particularly well known for his beautiful mid century sideboards of rosewood and teak, which contain plenty of storage space for crockery, knick-knacks and whatever else you need to tidy away.

The clean Vodder designs of the 1950s mean that his sideboards from this era can find a home amidst a range of design aesthetics, from ultra-modern minimalism to shabby chic. His well-known 1960s sideboards however, are bolder, featuring coloured panels and sliding doors; perfect for those of you who love bold, bright and colourful furnishings with a touch of whimsy. Whether you are looking for luxury or quirkiness, there is an Arne Vodder sideboard for every home.

The benefits of vintage Arne Vodder sideboards

At Vinterior adore vintage sideboards, and vintage furniture in general, for three reasons. Firstly, antique and artisan sideboards have one-of-a-kind character, with their own history and story to tell, of which you could be the next chapter. Secondly, they have proven durability. Our Arne Vodder sideboards can be fifty or even sixty years old, yet their condition is often immaculate. Lastly, buying a vintage Arne Vodder sideboard is a much more sustainable way to furnish your home than purchasing a newly made sideboard. This is because you are utilising existing furniture rather than depending on modern manufacturing, which drains precious natural resources.

Many of the sideboards in our collection have been painstakingly upcycled or repurposed by dedicated individuals, who return them to their former splendour with a fresh coat of paint or a treatment with Danish oil. This means you can make your home a greener place to live without compromising on quality.

Why Shop for Arne Vodder sideboards at Vinterior?

We are the leading online marketplace for vintage, antique and upcycled furniture in the UK. We sell sideboards from every era, from mid century to Art Deco to contemporary pieces. But despite this huge range of items, we only work with the very best sellers, brands and designers in the business, to ensure our customers get the quality furniture they deserve.

Explore Vinterior now to pick up a stunning Arne Vodder sideboard for your home, secure in the knowledge that you will be buying the best, from the best.

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