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We all dream of having a home filled with beautiful, high quality furniture. Whether it's a large sideboard with plenty of storage and a charming design, or a sturdy dining set to host elegant dinner parties, we all want furniture that will fulfil our requirements and bring new life to our homes. The sleek elegance of Arne Vodder's mid century designs can bring beauty into any surrounding, and the expert craftsmanship ensures that any Arne Vodder furniture you buy will last you for many years to come. Visit our website today to browse through an extensive collection of stunning Arne Vodder furniture.

Why choose Arne Vodder Furniture?

Arne Vodder was a Danish designer and architect, who began producing furniture of the finest quality in the 1950s. He was trained by another renowned Danish interior designer, Finn Juhl, and honed his craft in the early 1950s by designing houses in his architectural studio. This experience of designing and building homes gave him a unique insight into how to furnish them.

Danish furniture design at that time was taking the world by storm, and the Arne Vodder pieces you can find here at Vinterior illustrate why. His designs are modest and simple, making them suited to almost all interior design aesthetics. There are no sharp edges or over-the-top flourishes. Instead, attention to detail and natural, quality materials like rosewood and teak create a distinctive timeless aesthetic; a style which earned Vodder admirers throughout the world, including then President Jimmy Carter.

This one-of-a-kind character is evident in every piece in the Vinterior collection, which includes sideboards, chaise longue, desks, tables, sofas and chairs. The designs are inspired by the elegantly curved lines of nature, and can bring a touch of luxury to any home.

Buying classic pieces from Vinterior's Arne Vodder furniture collection has benefits beyond the purely aesthetic, however. Antique and artisan furniture has proven durability. The furniture in the Arne Vodder range is fifty years old, yet still as immaculate and durable as it was on the day of its construction. It is also brimming with history. Every piece of vintage furniture has a sense of heritage that is distinct and individual, depending on its previous life.

Buying vintage furniture is also a highly sustainable way to furnish your home, due to the amount of upcycled and repurposed items used. Some of our Arne Vodder furniture has been restored to its former glory by dedicated individuals, with new upholstery or, in many cases, the simple re-application of Danish oil polish.

Why shop for Arne Vodder furniture with Vinterior?

At Vinterior, we don't discriminate against furniture because of its age or style. On our website you will find new furniture alongside antique or artisan models, and every style from eye-catching Art Deco to stark industrial designs. As long as the furniture is high quality, and full of character, we want to showcase it.

We are the leading online marketplace for heritage, upcycled and salvaged furniture in the UK, working closely with trusted sellers with expertise in sourcing and selling the finest pieces.

Explore Vinterior today to browse through our Arne Vodder furniture collection. You can own a piece from one of the twentieth century's greatest designers by shopping with us.

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